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    Feb 2, 2015

    23 Things Girls In Their Twenties Just Get, As Told By Taylor Swift

    "In your twenties, all the puzzle pieces of your life are thrown up in the air."

    1. Your friends mean the world to you.

    2. Because by now you've realised that boys may come and go, but good friends will be with you forever.

    FilmMagic Jeff Kravitz/AMA2011

    3. And you know the importance of surrounding yourself with strong women who you trust with your life.

    DRIAN SANCHEZ- Getty / Via

    4. Right now, you and your friends are all at the same stage in life. You're old enough to think about the future, but young enough to shake your worries off.

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    And it's a pretty amazing stage to be at.

    5. You have no time for douchebags or liars or time-wasters any more.

    Big Machine Records / Via
    Big Machine Records / Via

    6. Because you've had your heart broken and it was torture.

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    7. But you learned to find strength you didn't know you had, and move on.

    "She lost him but she found herself, and that was EVERYTHING."

    8. And then you learned how to own the situation and be a strong single woman.

    Entertainment Tonight /
    Entertainment Tonight /
    Entertainment Tonight
    Entertainment Tonight

    9. Now you know that no relationship is ever straightforward, and it's not always easy. But if it's right, the good will always outweigh the bad.

    It may not always be easy, but it's ultimately worth it.

    10. You have frequent moments of complete self-doubt and insecurity concerning just about every area of your life. / Via Ian West/PA Wire/Press Association Images

    Am I too fat, am I too thin, am I good at my job, what if that person doesn't like me, should I be saving more money, when will I feel content, how does everyone else have their shit together so well?

    11. But most of the time you're pretty happy with who you are.

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    12. You know that more often than not, your gut instinct is right, and you're learning to trust your intuition over anything else.

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    13. You love socialising with your friends.

    14. However, you've also learned that sometimes the best evenings are ones spent alone.

    15. Food – and in particular, cookies – are the cure of all ills. Although that whole metabolism slowing down thing is also 100% true.

    16. Life can be exhausting, so you know the importance of making plans for things to look forward to.

    17. You've had years of practice so you've got your make-up game down.

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    Bryan Steffy / Getty Images

    And a statement red lip wins every time.

    18. You love that you're slowly making a home for yourself even if the cost of rent and bills leaves you weeping at your bank balance each month.

    19. You know your style and what suits your body shape and you make no apologies for that.

    PA Wire/Press Association Images Yui Mok
    Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/Press Association Images

    20. You feel bad for all the grief you gave your parents over the years because you'd be pretty lost without them.

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    21. Your career is a massive part of who you are and you're proud of what you've achieved.

    22. You worry about the future and thinking too much about it is scary.

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    23. But you know that you're pretty fabulous so you'll probably be absolutely fine.

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