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19 Times Emma Watson Made You Wish You Were Emma Watson

Because is there a more perfect human?

1. When she owned this red carpet with such ease everyone else wondered why they bothered showing up.

Getty Images for Paramount Pictu Dave J Hogan

2. Like, how is this level of perfection even possible?

Getty Images for Paramount Pictu Dave J Hogan

3. When she made us want a backless dress and ear cuff so badly it physically hurt.

Getty Images Jamie McCarthy

4. When she perfectly pulled off plum-coloured lips.

Getty Images Carlos Alvarez

5. When she stared into the distance and confirmed that she looks flawless from literally every angle.

Getty Images for Paramount Pictu Andreas Rentz

6. When she launched the HeForShe campaign at the UN because she's an amazingly intelligent woman on top of everything else.

Getty Images Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

7. Also when she proudly showed off her MTV Movie Award, because she's also an incredibly talented actress on top of being an amazingly intelligent woman.

Getty Images Jason Merritt

8. When she wore this fashion-forward dress and it just worked.

Getty Images Tim P. Whitby

9. When she wore a dress with trousers and that worked too.


10. When she hung out with her pal and fellow beacon of perfection Jennifer Lawrence.

Rindoff / Dufour / French Select / Getty Images

11. And when Jennifer then face-palmed Emma and you wondered how someone could look so good even when they were being face-palmed.

Rindoff / Dufour / French Select / Getty Images

12. When she put this dress on and angels in heaven grew their wings.

Getty Images Dimitrios Kambouris

13. When we had a physical reaction to those incredible eyebrows.

Getty Images Frederick M. Brown

And that reaction was falling in love.

14. When even Eddie Redmayne looked at her and was like, "Holy shit, I wish I was Emma Watson."

Getty Images Kevork Djansezian

15. When she smiled at a reporter on the red carpet and we just wished she was smiling at us.

Getty Images Sonia Recchia

16. This. Damn. Dress.


17. When she wore these studded bracelets and we wondered if we could pull them off even half as well as Emma.

Getty Images Christopher Polk


18. When she was like, "Screw wearing a full-length red-carpet gown, I'm going to rock a flared tartan dress and denim jacket," and basically looked better than everyone at the event combined.

Getty Images Chris Jackson

19. And finally, when she hugged Daniel Radcliffe and we realised what true happiness feels like. <3

AFP / Getty Images STAN HONDA

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