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    18 Outfits Girls Aloud Probably Hoped We'd Forgotten About

    Visible thongs. Never forget.

    Girls Aloud were the best girl band to have ever existed. No arguments. But they were around for 10 whole years and in that time made some slightly questionable fashion choices.

    It wasn't always this perfect.

    1. When Girls Aloud formed in 2002, they were all about vest tops and jeans, accessorised with sports jackets and whatever's on Cheryl's head.

    2. It was a time for visible thongs. And also cornrows.

    3. It really was all about the cornrows.

    4. They were big fans of colour-coordinated cargo trousers and Timberlands.

    5. And statement belts worn with the buckle on the side, like just about every girl in the country in 2003.

    6. Oh, tights cut-off at the ankle, haven't seen you since about 2005. <3

    7. Then came the gypsy trend, and with it, floaty skirts, off-the-shoulder tops, and actual dresses worn OVER trousers.

    8. But then they were all like, clothes? Nah, we'll just pin some scraps of material together and hope for the best.

    9. This phase coincided with the discovery of fake tan.

    10. It went on for quite a while.

    11. ...

    12. And probably involved rather a lot of tit tape.

    13. There was a brief stint of dressing like schoolgirls.

    14. That didn't last long because coordinated asymmetrical skirts happened.

    15. Then bootleg trousers and a LOT of hairspray.

    16. There was a foray into below-the-knee dresses.

    17. Before normal coordinated service resumed.

    By the end, they'd blossomed into these beautiful goddesses.

    Actual, strutting goddesses.

    18. But, never forget.