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    15 Important Rules Every Celebrity Follows For Paparazzi Holiday Photos

    Natural poses, showers, PDA.

    Going on holiday is serious business when you're a celebrity.

    It's not enough to just lie on a sun-lounger, drink cocktails and, you know, relax like anybody else.

    In fact, some celebrities have openly admitted to 'setting up' paparazzi photos when they go away. And if they do do this, there are some important rules to follow to make the images as attractive as possible.

    1. It's important to adopt an entirely natural pose when you're on the beach.

    Just sunbathe as you would do normally.

    Looking really comfortable and relaxed.

    2. It's important to frolic in the sea. Look like you're having the time of your life, but do not under any circumstances look at the camera.

    3. When you're finished frolicking, exit the sea in a sexy manner.

    4. Running is optional, but if you do run, make sure you swish your hair about as if you're in Baywatch.

    5. It's a good idea to find a prop to pose with. Like a bench.

    6. Or a book and a glass of wine. You don't have to actually read the book, though.

    7. Your prop could also be your significant other. Gaze lovingly at them.

    8. Kiss them like no one's watching.

    9. But it's better to engage in a PDA so overt it'll make onlookers feel uncomfortable.

    That means it's fine to snog with tongues and do a bit of boob-grabbing.

    10. When you've finished your PDA, go for a natural stroll down the beach. This works especially well when you look like real-life Barbie and Ken dolls.

    11. But, without a doubt, the best prop of all is a shower. Wash yourself slowly and sexily.

    And always stand on your tip-toes.

    12. You need to ensure photographers get shots from all angles...

    13. ...So take your time exiting the pool.

    14. In fact, this could even become your trademark pose. Just don't look at the camera.

    15. And if all else fails, just do this.