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11 Foolproof Steps To Dressing For The Airport Like Kim Kardashian

Rule number one: Nothing comfortable.

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You'd have thought that the most suitable attire for a long-haul flight would be something comfortable. A hoodie. Leggings. Something you can relax in. Right?

Step one: Forget this "comfort" nonsense. Kim has binned anything comfortable. "Comfortable" is not an appropriate state of being for any situation in life, especially traveling.


Step four: Locate a top which is ideally tight and embellished. If you thought sequins might be a bit of an overstatement for an airport, you were wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself.


Step ten: Try not to express too much outright horror if one of these peasants puts their hand mere inches away from you. They are just over-excited at being within touching distance of your ensemble.