This Random Twitter Story Ends With A Harry Potter Surprise

These tweets by @MrLawson are amazing.

1. Sit back and scroll as Twitter user MrLawson weaves his tale.

We get older and wouldn't you fckin believe it. Friend Zone mayor fuckib MARRIES this dude. Has a kid and everything. Can't believe it.

— Ludwig Van Baethoven (@MrLawson)

I'm shocked. Cuz I still like this chick and he's clearly a bamma but my hands are tied. But these ppls I knew didnt bang with him like that

— Ludwig Van Baethoven (@MrLawson)

I was like "fuck it. The enemy of my enemy is my friend" so I started rolling with these fools. Til the leader stepped hella out of line.

— Ludwig Van Baethoven (@MrLawson)

Son tried to cap ol girl, her fuckboy husband AND the baby. Somehow the kid lived but shit. He was on some other shit.

— Ludwig Van Baethoven (@MrLawson)

Anyway after all that shit happened I just said fuck it and became the potions master at hogwarts. Always looked after that kid tho.

— Ludwig Van Baethoven (@MrLawson)

If you don't get the story on my TL we not friends for real.

— Ludwig Van Baethoven (@MrLawson)

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