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The 11 Most Absurd Moments Of Eurovision 2013

The best, most ridiculously WTF highlights of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. (And here's a guide for the non-Europeans that explains what exactly Eurovision is.)

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6. When Iceland's singer was revealed to be the Norse God of Thunder.

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8. When Sweden's unleashed its smörgåsbord of awesome.

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Since Sweden hosted this year's competition, they were in charge of putting on a musical "halftime show." They knocked it out of the park, performing a song-and-dance number that poked fun at Swedish stereotypes.

As most viewers were well into their drinking games at this point in the evening, Greece's performance was one of the highlights of the night.

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Inner turmoil? Imminent battle with an evil alternate-universe version of himself? Watch and decide for yourself.

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11. Romania's flamboyant opera dubstep vampire performance. All of it.

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