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    10 Weird And Wonderful Dear Abby Columns

    Dear Abby creator Pauline Phillips has died at age 94. In her honor, BuzzFeed has compiled some of her more interesting questions and answers.

    Pauline Phillips, known to the world as advice columnist Abigail Van Buren, has died at age 94 of Alzheimer's. Phillips began writing her world-famous Dear Abby column in 1956 and wrote until her retirement in 2002, handing her pen name off to her daughter Jeanne Phillips.

    1. And now, a look back at some of Pauline Phillips' best Dear Abby columns:


    March 10, 1960

    2. "Where is my herb?"


    February 18, 1964

    3. More Wife-Spanking!


    November 28, 1962

    4. "Can a boy be normal and knit in public?"


    March 15, 1962

    5. Truth in advertising!


    May 3, 1968

    6. Damn Beatles haircuts...


    January 11, 1966

    7. "He's dark and sort of gives me the creeps."


    May 12, 1960

    8. Dear Abby: Is our jaguar a homosexual?


    February 7, 1972

    9. Virgin spotting with Dear Abby!


    January 7, 1973

    10. Dear Abby: Monkey Owner


    April 25, 1961

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