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    If You're Stressed Just By The Thought Of Traveling, These 30 Walmart Products Are Here To Help

    Traveling can be hectic, but this stuff can help make the journey a little easier.

    1. A tube of travel-sized Burt Bee's hand cream made with shea butter and pumpkin seed oil because planes are extremely dry, and you don't want to deal with flaky, itchy skin on your trip.

    The hand cream

    2. A cushioned sleep mask that's basically like your own personal blackout curtain with contoured eyecups that ensure you don't have too much pressure on your eyes while you snooze during your flight.

    The sleep mask

    3. A pack of makeup remover wipes to clean off any grime you've accumulated during any overnight flights because washing your face with those tiny airplane sinks is basically impossible.

    The makeup remover wipes

    4. A portable travel scale, so you don't have to dread getting your bag weighed at the airport only to find out it's 56 pounds and not 50, and then you have to carry your ginormous size-10 platform sandals in your purse the whole flight (I may be speaking from personal experience here).

    The scale

    5. A tube of multi-use concealer that conceals dark circles while resisting creases for *up to 12 hours* because you might not be feeling or looking your most rested during a stressful travel day. I use this every day, and I love it.

    Before and after photo of a model wearing the concealer #122

    6. A multi-use lip and cheek tint for freshening up if you have to go somewhere important straight from the airport. You can use this as blush, lip color, and even eyeshadow for a gorgeous, monochromatic vacation glow.

    Model wearing a pink tint on their cheek

    7. An external power bank with two USB ports, so you don't have to worry about any of your devices dying mid-flight and having to read a book like a nerd (just kidding).

    The power bank

    8. A travel-sized cult-fave, Neutrogena gel moisturizer kind of like a serum-lotion hybrid to treat yourself to some skin-loving moisture without feeling too greasy while you're on the go.

    The product

    9. A pack of Tide-To-Go stain remover pens for when you sit next to a toddler having a tantrum and happen to be in the line of fire as you get splattered with applesauce. With one of these on hand, you can easily clean yourself up.

    The tide to go pens

    10. A pack of soft silicone putty earplugs for when that same toddler won't stop screaming at the top of their lungs because they've made it their mission not to let you sleep on this flight. (What is this kid's problem?)

    The ear plugs

    11. An adjustable memory foam neck pillow so you don't get a crick in your neck while trying to find a comfy position to nap in during your long flight.

    the pillow with included mask, earplugs, and bag

    12. An adhesive phone wallet pouch to keep all your essentials, like your ID and credit cards, easily accessible, so you don't have to dig through your entire bag just to find them.

    the brown pouch containing credit card attached to back of smartphone

    13. An Apple AirTag for your suitcase because there is no worse feeling than waiting at baggage claim only to find out your luggage has been lost.

    the airtag in brown clip-on case attached to a strap of blue bag

    14. A set of foldable packing cubes so you don't have to tear apart your whole suitcase to look for one pair of shorts. I never travel without my packing cubes because they help me pack sooo much lighter and save tons of room in my bag! With these, fitting everything in your carry-on is a breeze. Smell ya later, checked luggage!

    The various cubes used to pack and organize clothes, shoes, and toiletries

    15. A pill organizer to make sure you don't accidentally miss taking any of your meds while you're on vacation. This organizer has enough slots for an entire week and two compartments — one night and one day — to keep everything easy to navigate.

    The pill organizer with different colored pop-out containers for each day of the week, each with two compartments for night (moon) and day (sun)

    16. A universal power plug adaptor that can charge up to four devices at a time, so you don't have to frantically try to find a store to buy a new charger when traveling overseas.

    The compact black adaptor being placed inside a bag with dimensions labeled as 67mm x 50 mm x 52 mm

    17. A pair of compression socks in case your legs and feet are prone to swelling on flights. These will help encourage circulation and make the whole experience way more comfortable.

    the pairs of socks

    18. A set of travel-friendly reusable bottles if you're tired of wasting money on travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, and body wash when you could just make your own. Plus, these are reusable, so they help reduce plastic waste. Friendly to your wallet and the planet? Yes, please.

    the set of reusable bottles

    19. A pack of acne patches for instantly zapping that eyesore of a zit that somehow appeared mid-flight. Since they're clear, you can wear them whenever and nobody will even know!

    20. A waterproof makeup bag so you can securely pack all of your cosmetics and skincare essentials without having to worry about any leaks or spills getting on the rest of your luggage.

    the makeup bag filled with beauty products

    21. A portable clip-on hand sanitizer because we all still have a lot of germ anxiety and airports are incredibly germy.

    the clip on hand sanitizer in orange

    22. A Fujifilm Instax camera bundle so you don't have to waste tons of money on souvenirs. With this fun gadget, you take pics of all the places you go and make your own mementos!

    Blue mini camera printing a photo, surrounding by photos, scrapbook, phone, sunglasses and watch

    23. A Sea Band acupressure wristband to help relieve nausea, dizziness, and motion sickness every time you wear it, if you get queasy on flights, boat rides, or car trips.

    Someone with grey wrist band slipped over fingers and pressing fingers on the acupressure point on wrist where the band usually rests

    24. A travel-sized bottle of wrinkle-releaser spray that can make even the most crumpled-up shirt in your luggage look like it's fresh from the dry cleaner.

    The spray

    25. Or if you're looking for something a little more heavy duty, a handheld steamer since clothing has a tendency to get wrinkled on the journey and you want to be looking your best.

    the steamer emitting steam

    26. A travel-sized dry shampoo that will leave your hair looking and smelling nice and fresh, even if you've been sitting in a middle seat for a six-hour flight.

    27. A collapsible duffel bag for when you do a ton of shopping on your trip and you don't want to have to buy a new bag to pack all your souvenirs in.

    the black duffel bag

    28. A leather passport holder to keep all your essentials like your IDs, credit cards, vaccine cards, and money organized while you're jet-setting.

    the pink case with passport, vaccine card, and credit cards in back pockets

    29. A compact hair dryer with a folding handle and retractable cord, so you don't have to put faith in the dingy one that's in your hotel room

    the light blue hair dryer with the handle folded in, packed in a suitcase with other travel products and clothes

    30. And finally, a mini lint roller that will prove to be game-changing when you head on a romantic getaway and need to get rid of the lint and copious pet hair stuck to your date-night 'fit.

    the small lint roller

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