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    20 Gifts From Walmart To Give If You Want To Be Remembered As A Great Gift-Giver By Your Family

    You're about to be the MVP of the holidays.

    1. A Fujifilm Instax camera bundle so they can have a fun and easy way to capture some of their favorite memories on film rather than just scrolling through photos on their phone.

    Blue mini camera printing a photo, surrounding by photos, scrapbook, phone, sunglasses and watch

    2. A leather passport holder to keep all their essentials like their IDs, credit cards, vaccine cards, and money organized whenever they travel. (Believe me, they'll thank you later).

    the pink case with passport, vaccine card, and credit cards in back pockets

    3. A dreamy cardigan they're going to love snuggling up with during the colder months. And you might as well get one for yourself, too, since they're so affordable!

    4. A cute corduroy fanny pack because they can't be bothered to lug around a heavy, cumbersome tote bag while they're out and about.

    model wearing the tan fanny pack

    5. A home theater projector if they're a cinephile and want to bring the magic of the movie theater right into their own home.

    A white movie projector with a person sitting in the background

    6. A quiet humidifier and essential oil diffuser that lasts for hours because they deserve a relaxing self care moment every once in a while!

    The humidifier

    7. A set of satin bed sheets to make it feel like they're staying in a luxury hotel while they binge their favorite TV show from the comfort of their bed.

    8. A one-touch electric tea kettle from Drew Barrymore's kitchen line so strikingly beautiful *and* useful, they'll wonder how they ever lived without it.

    The lavender kettle

    9. A set of shibori-style gardening tools if they have a "garden" that is really just a glorified patch of dirt with weeds that they've been meaning to fix up.

    10. A 14-piece knife block set in the prettiest shade of periwinkle so they can impress guests with their mad kitchen skills.

    Knife block with blue knives on a cutting board with pieces of melon on it

    11. An Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette that will last them a literal lifetime. I've had mine for four years now, and she's STILL serving bold, pigmented realness! Bonus: It's on sale right now, so snag it quick!

    12. A set of adjustable trekking poles with ergonomic grips for the outdoor explorer who likes to feel (and look) extra prepared when they hit the hiking trail.

    adjustable green trekking poles with cork handles, wrist straps,  and caps for the ends

    13. A table tennis set for the athlete who would never turn down a chance to play the best game ever invented. Plus, you'll have tons of fun using it, too, when you come over!

    portable table tennis set set up over a folding table with a net, two paddles, and three balls

    14. A BlendJet portable blender so they can have a smoothie any time, any place, with just the push of a button. I have one of these, and it's sooo useful, especially if they live in a small space and don't have room for a full-size blender.

    two models holding a purple and black mini blender, both filled with fruit and water

    15. A micro-mini fridge perfect for keeping drinks, snacks, and even beauty products nice and cool in one convenient spot. Plus, look how frickin' cute it is.

    the aqua fridge on a tabletop with a plant and two mugs

    16. A SodaStream because their LaCroix habit very well might drive them into bankruptcy any day now. But with this, seltzer runs to the store will be a thing of the past! Saving time AND money? Yes, please!

    a model pouring sparkling water into a glass next to a sodastream machine with another carafe of sparkling water in it

    17. A wooden chess set because even if they don't know how to play, this makes a beautiful room accessory. And who knows, maybe ya'll can learn together??

    a wood chess board with light and dark wood pieces

    18. A pair of over-ear noise-canceling headphones if they hate being bothered in public and just want to listen to their podcasts in peace (me).

    black and silver over-ear headphones

    19. A Bluetooth karaoke microphone for the friend who fancies themselves a singer. They will have an absolute blast belting out their favorite songs with this thing!

    the karaoke mic in pink

    20. And finally, an electric countertop griddle they will never stop thanking you for because they'll use it every day. Every time they make breakfast, they'll think of you. 🥲

    the black griddle with pancakes and bacon on a decorated kitchen counter

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