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Fan Girl Over Joseph Gordon Levitt's New Wife, Tasha McCauley

Beauty and Brains, she's the real deal.

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She's multilingual. / Via Twitter: @tashamccauley

Hey Jason Derulo, she's been around the world and speaks three languages! (if you don't get that statement, click here.) Tasha knows Spanish, English, and Arabic, so ask her about robotics! Don't be shy.

Speaking of traveling, Tasha has experienced the cold of Antarctica and the tropical weather of Cuba.

Take us with you.

She's taught at one of her Alma Maters'. / Via

This multilingual beauty holds a BA from Bard College, an MBA from USC Marshall school of Business, and a Robotics certificate from Singularity University where she went on to become Director of Autodesk Innovation Lab for Singularity U.

As Director of Autodesk Innovation Lab, her department taught students about: artificial intelligence, robotics, and 3D printers, nanotech, and biotech.

She Co-founded Fellow Robots

Tasha is Co-Founder and CEO of Fellow Robots, a robotics company that has built many platforms that include humanoid robots, telespresence robots, and most recently- the OSHbot robot (a retail robot created in partnership with Lowe's designed to "help communicate with customers to understand what they need and locate it quickly")

Don't go looking for her on the website though, she's trying to separate her spotlight life from JGL's and who can blame her! She's got a lot of shine to show the world.

Instead, learn more about this incredible robotics company here

She gave a speech about her work with robots.

Gene Driskell / Via Flickr: 68073433@N00

Tasha McCauley spoke at the IdeaCity Conference in 2013 about Telepresence Robots and what the future holds for this technology. In her speech, she talks about building a Telepresence Robot known as Helo, that allows you to literally be at a conference or party by way of robot. This robot is like a video chat on wheels, so it can take you into a meeting via Skype. You get to be there without really being there. How cool is that. She states that this robot will change every field out there - from retail to healthcare, and will make communication easier by allowing you to speak to many people through mobile robots such as this one.

So she pretty much built a robot out of a lamp shad, an Android joy stick, some metal hardware, a Rumba (robot vacuum), and a tablet.

Watch the talk here.


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