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This Vintage Cat Visited Santa Once And It Was Amazing

While thumbing through an old photo album, I found some photos of an elderly man and his beloved cat from 1995. Here's how the story unfolded.

So initially, I see an elderly man who looks like he needs to take his afternoon nap and a cat that looks like it's plotting an escape.

But wait a sec...

This cat seems to have it made in the shade. Never mind about the escaping part.

What's this? They're going for a little ride? Looks like kitty has done this before.

Aww, looks like someone is excited to be out of the house. Probably not what the cat had in mind but we'll see.

So I guess by now the cat is cool about being at the mall...maybe.

But what are they looking for?

A line to stand in.

And some attention while they stand in line.

From the look of the cat's face, this is the big moment they've been waiting for.

Pictures with Santa!!!

My cat would never do this.

Glad it worked out for everybody. The owner of this cat seems like a cool guy. Also, I wonder what the cat got for Christmas.

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