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I Made One Of Those Insane Milkshakes And It Was Almost Too Much To Handle

♫ My freakshake brings all the boys to the yard ♫

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Insane milkshakes, AKA "Freakshakes," are becoming a huge craze all over the world.

UM, YUM. 😋 😍


Well a few weeks ago, I visited Spangles, an American-themed diner in Coventry, England, and fell in love with this giant dessert masterpiece:



So naturally, I got in tune with my creative side and decided: Why not make a dream Freakshake of my own?! Sky's the limit, after all.

- Raspberry ripple ice cream- Strawberry dessert syrup- Raspberry sponge cake- Iced sprinkle donuts- Mini marshmallows- Marshmallow "Flumps" (marshmallow pole, in America)- Smarties (basically M&M's in America)- Whipped cream- Colorful sprinkles- Strawberry pencils (Americans can substitute Twizzlers)- Mason jar / some sort of giant glass- Straws for sippin'!
Elle Boone

- Raspberry ripple ice cream

- Strawberry dessert syrup

- Raspberry sponge cake

- Iced sprinkle donuts

- Mini marshmallows

- Marshmallow "Flumps" (marshmallow pole, in America)

- Smarties (basically M&M's in America)

- Whipped cream

- Colorful sprinkles

- Strawberry pencils (Americans can substitute Twizzlers)

- Mason jar / some sort of giant glass

- Straws for sippin'!

Making the shake actually took WAY less time than gathering all of the ingredients in the first place. And the nap I had to take afterward was even longer ;). BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT, BECAUSE I WAS CREATING ART.

The final masterpiece:

Elle Boone

Unless you are a superhero with a magically huge appetite, I do not recommend eating this on your own! I split my Freakshake with someone, and together, we both couldn't even conquer this entire beast. 😱

To reiterate: Y U M.

Elle Boone

I had so much fun making this marvelous creation and indulging in it! What would you put in your dream Freakshake?

~Getcha Freak(shake) on.~

Atlantic / Elektra

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