One Insanely Important Thing You Didn't Notice In "How I Met Your Mother"

    SPOILER ALERT: You actually won't believe you knew this for almost the entirety of the show.

    If you've finished How I Met Your Mother, you know that this is Ted's wife, Tracy:

    She's also the mother of these two kids.

    Just like every fan of the show, you waited in agony to find out who she was. What her name was, what she looked like, how they met — EVERYTHING.

    Then we met her! We found out her name!

    But what if I told you we knew a VERY IMPORTANT FACT about the mother from the VERY beginning of the show?

    Ok, here it is: In the FIRST SEASON of the show we found out her name!!!

    Buckle up, kids: I'm about to tell you the story of how we found out Ted's wife's name. In Season 1, Episode 8, Ted and Robin try to volunteer at a homeless shelter, which doesn't work very well... until they run into Barney.

    Barney is pretty popular at the homeless shelter, y'know, Volunteer of the Year and all, and they eventually get to help a girl sort her donations.

    They sort and sort until they find out the girl is stealing the really good stuff, they cause a ruckus, and then they all get kicked out, along with Barney. This brings them to the Lusty Leopard.

    Ted goes over to the buffet and meets a woman. She says her name is Amber, then says it's actually Tracy. TRACY. Then Ted says, "And that, kids, is the true story of how I met your mother."

    The kids reply totally shocked, and then he says he's just kidding. We all (probably) thought it was a joke.

    But isn't that crazy? We all were TOLD that the mother's name was Tracy, and so it couldn't be Stella or Victoria, or whoever wasn't named Tracy.

    Mind blown.

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