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Why Brownie Brittle Is THE Greatest Culinary Confection Created.. EVER

Reasons why brownie brittle has and will steal the hearts of many brownie edge lovers!

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To start.. I would like to thank you Sheila G

Let's be honest.. there is nothing really better than a brownie... (ok maybe the batter)

But it's the edges that really get us all.. as soon as they come out of the oven.. EDGES = MINE


Come to Mama..

Sure I guess you could buy this brownie edge pan..

But doing it on your own can sometimes be... difficult

Never fear... Sheila G is here

With 4 mouth watering flavors... Need I say more?

Mint.. are you kidding me? Can you say year round thin mints? =)

Yep I went there.. Brownie Brittle Dessert Nachos

Recipe click source below

Recipe click source below

Excuse me.. this warrants a happy dance!

S'mores.. I can't even

For recipe click source below

For recipe click source below


And for the healthy one's out there..

It's only 3 points!

It's only 3 points!

So go ahead.. eat the whole bag! OR 2!



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