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    21 Ways To Make Your Mess Of A Garage So Much Better

    Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor would be so proud.

    1. Slap on some magnetic accents to fake the look of expensive carriage-style garage doors.

    2. Prevent drafts, dirt, water, and unwelcome insects from making their way into your garage thanks to a threshold kit.

    3. Annihilate car oil stains from your concrete garage floor with Coke.

    View this video on YouTube

    See the full instructions on Nifty here.

    Get a 12-pack of Coca-Cola cans from Amazon for $4.88.

    4. Paint the floor to cover up old stains and make everything look *so* much cleaner.

    5. Get as much stuff as possible off the floor with ceiling-mount shelves for stuff you don't use every day.

    6. Park heavy-duty stuff on this equipment mat to prevent moisture, liquid, and rust stains from damaging your now-pristine floor.

    7. Coil up extension cords and easily hang them where you need them with versatile bungee cords.

    8. Hoist up bikes with lifts to prevent mangled wheels and make parking vehicles safer.

    9. And pinpoint storage solutions for any other sports gear you have, like these kayak hanger straps.

    10. Install a wall guard to prevent car door slams from scuffing up the paint job of either the wall or car.

    11. Train teenagers (and adults) to park properly -- instead of running into organized shelves -- with this parking mat

    12. And drop another hint with this flashing LED sign that spells out S T O P.

    13. Organize hand tools by mounting magnetic strips to the wall, a peg board, or workbench so you won't have to rifle through drawers for a combination wrench.

    14. Clean up messes faster with a wall-mounted shop vac -- and make the chore of vacuuming your car a breeze.

    15. Store brooms, yard tools, and other long-handled things in this wall-mount organizer that'll get things safely off the floor.

    16. Keep dangerous chemicals away from pets and kids in a sturdy, lockable cabinet and label everything inside.

    17. And while you're at it, label the light switches you always mix up so you can finally tell the porch light from the garage light.

    18. Put a proper trash can in there so you can easily dump stuff from your car (or other activities) without tracking mud inside the house in pursuit of a trash receptacle.

    19. Tidy up your recycling corner with these stackable bins your family can color coordinate for paper, plastic, and glass.

    20. Park your *outdoor* footwear on a sturdy shoe rack before you go inside the house—it'll be a makeshift mudroom.

    21. And place a welcome mat on *both* sides of the door that connects your garage to your house to avoid dirty footprints.

    Now you'll have the room and ability to do all sorts of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor-like things in your garage...including whatever he's doing here. (Actually, plz don't do this.)