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    31 Under-$10 Things From Walmart That’ll Make Your Life Better In Little Ways

    Cheap, convenient buys that'll give you some major thrills.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Slow cooker liners to help make your hardest working kitchen gadget even easier to use. With these, you just take out the liner and toss it in the trash! (You and I both know cleaning a slow cooker can be tough.)

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    Yep, these ^ are my pics of when I made slow cooker bread! (It's really easy!) I hate to wash dishes but don't have a dishwasher, so I try to keep a box of these in my kitchen cabinets.

    Price: two boxes of four liners for $9.62

    2. A 60-pack of sticky tabbed dividers you can stick in borrowed books or books you plan to sell and *still* get the most out of study sessions. Talk about a ~smart~ investment.


    Price: $3.71

    3. Bamboo odor eliminators that'll fit perfectly in your shoes so they can kill the funk 'til the next time you wanna wear 'em. Seriously, how many times have you pulled on shoes that still stunk after you put on an ensemble perfect for that pair?!


    Price: $9.95

    4. A 12-pack of double glide shower hooks so swapping out your liner or taking your down your shower curtain to wash it won't turn into a cartoon-like accident sitch.


    I own some like this and they are FAR superior to those OG shower curtain rings.

    Price: $4.88

    5. A set of collapsible silicone straws, carrying cases, and cleaning brushes you can throw in your bag and use on the go. That means no more worrying about throwing an iced coffee–soaked metal straw back in your bag and getting everything else wet.


    Price: $4.85

    6. A lavender V.I.Poo spray for deadening treacherous toilet smells before they can happen.


    Each bottle has up to 300 sprays for up to 100 uses. And yes, it's like a more affordable Poo-Pourri.

    Price: $5.97

    7. An 18-pack of twistable hair rollers that'll help even people who've tried every other kind of hair-curling option. AND did I mention they require no heat?!


    Promising review: "Since I had Chemotherapy in 2011 and I decided to go natural, these spiral curlers made me have beautiful curls as if I went to a professional. I love the ease of using them and they were a great bargain." —VET1974

    Price: $9.30

    8. A pair of reusable snack bags to cut down on some plastic waste and encourage your kids to eat their food.


    Price: $7.14+ (available in several patterns)

    9. Magic Erasers that'll remove scuffs and crayon marks from walls, grease from cooktops, gross bathroom residue, and about a million other unsightly household evils.


    Promising review: "I am getting ready to retile my home, so I was looking at how gross my current grout was. I was wondering if I could prevent this from happening to my new floor. I was playing around with methods I read about online...nothing cleaned my grout. I use Magic Erasers for many other messes in my home, so a light bulb went off...OMG can I tell you I was amazed at how fast and easy Magic Eraser brought the grout back to its original color (20 year grout, by the way) I am going to make this my regular cleaning routine with my new floor. I only wish that there was a more convenient way instead of being on my hands and knees scrubbing. But oh well it is more than worth it!" —erussell873

    Price: seven-pack for $8.47

    10. A stormproof match kit that'd be a great addition to your camping gear or car's glove compartment in case of emergencies.


    Price: $6.07

    11. Micellar cleansing water to ~gently~ remove stubborn long-wearing makeup without tons of scrubbing. (Your skin will thank you.)


    Price: $6.78

    P.S. This was our budget pick for the best makeup removers on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    12. A three-pack of wrinkle-releasing spray for reviving that wrinkled shirt you found crumpled on the floor of your closet the morning of a job interview.


    Price: $4.41

    13. A Wet Brush (in an adorable design!) that'll really and truly work through all the knots in your wet hair without feeling like a torture session.


    I'm the proud owner of a head full of thick, naturally curly hair AND a Wet Brush. Now I'll never be able to live without owning one. It's *that* good.

    Price: $9.99

    14. A biodegradable cleaning concentrate with a lovely lavender scent (one of my faves!) to make everything smell lovely.


    Price: $8.88

    15. Soft-grip Fiskars scissors with a lifetime warranty to get you through hours upon hours of cutting up scrapbook paper, ribbon, whatever!


    Yes, I craft often enough to have a favorite pair of scissors. Also I once saw Martha Stewart speak at a crafting event and she said she labels each pair of scissors because you shouldn't be using your wire scissors to cut ribbon, etc.. So stock up, crafters!

    Price: two pairs for $8.92

    16. No-tie shoelaces that'll look like regular shoelaces. That way you can easily slip your shoes on and off, and avoid trips and falls from untied shoes.


    Price: four sets for $5.48

    17. Sheet suspenders to keep your fitted sheet from creeping up on the corners while you're having a very vivid dream.


    Price: $9.97

    18. A makeup primer for acne-prone skin that'll help your foundation smooth over whatever you're dealing with at the moment.


    Price: two for $6

    19. Gentle eye makeup remover pads to – once and for all – get off every last bit of the day's mascara (because you always think you got it all 'til you look at your pillowcase the next morning).


    Price: $2.89

    20. A magnetic bottle opener you can use with *just* one hand. And it'll even catch the cap for you.


    Price: $9.49

    21. A pumice stone (on a rope!) to tackle calluses on your feet from hitting the mean city streets and being too busy to actually pay for a pedicure.


    Price: $4.35

    22. And a pumice stick for your toilet that'll finally erase those hard-water stains on the bowl that had you saving up for a new porcelain throne.


    Price: $5.97

    23. A collapsible whisk that'll be soooo much easier to wash once you flatten it out than a balloon whisk.


    Price: $9.10

    24. A makeup-erasing pen for fixing an eyeliner smudge here or there instead of having to start over from square one. Think of all the time you'll get back!!!


    Promising review: "This pen is great for eye makeup mistakes, and I love that you can take the tip out and flip it around and have another tip when the first tip gets stained! Totally worth the price." —RWinberry

    Price: one for $2.54 or two for $4.93

    25. Shadow shields to fight against fallout the next time you're trying to recreate a 10-step eye look from your go-to Insta makeup artist.


    Promising review: "Shadow Shields worked wonders for me! I always have trouble with my eyeliner because I don't have very steady hands. Shadow Shields made my mess look so clean and perfect." —ColorfulEyes

    Price: $4.78

    26. A cute laundry bag with a strap you can easily ID as your own AND tote to the machines without pulling a muscle in your back. Again.


    Price: $8.22

    27. A four-pack of toothpaste-tube squeezers ready to help you put off a trip to the store for a couple more days.


    Price: $5.65

    28. A pair of multipurpose lighters for putting more (safe) space between your hand and whatever you're trying to light — even if it's just a jar candle!


    Price: $8.19

    29. A ziplock-bag holder that'll serve as an extra set of hands when divvying up leftovers or meal-prepping freezer dump dinners.


    Price: $7.99

    30. A versatile seat caddy that can hang around your faucet or — if you're lucky and have a double sink — can wrap on your sink divider for lots o' storage options.


    Promising review: "Purchased this sink caddy recently and can store my scrub sponges up out of the bottom of the sink now and can dry them out quicker. Great purchase!!!" —Rushdog20

    Price: $3.86

    31. Goo Gone spray gel – it'll do MAJOR things when it comes to cleaning up an array of sticky residue from stickers to tape to gum and so much more!


    Promising review: "I Love the Goo Gone Remover Gel Spray. This is an amazing product. It can be used on numerous things. It removes gum, glue, sticker, tape, and wax candles. A mouse trap got stuck to my floor and I used goo gone to get the glue off my floor it really works great. It is a great product. I would definitely recommend it to others because it is a great product." —2bras

    Price: $3.96

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    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

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