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    29 Things That'll Help Anyone Who's Bad At Keeping Their Car Clean

    Even if you spend hours a day in it, it shouldn't look it.

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    1. A scratchy lil' tool that'll FINALLY get all the pet hair off your back seat and floors. You'll wonder how you lived without up until now.

    2. And a pet protector made to fit over your backseat you should keep in your trunk so you won't have to go hunting for it in your garage next time Fido rides with you for errands.

    3. Smol blind dusters with washable cloths for giving your vents special attention really get in there.

    4. And a gooey cleaning compound that feels like a child's plaything but WOW will it work on vents and other hard-to-clean areas of your car.

    5. A seat gap filler you may have seen on Shark Tank for warding off lost phones, French fries, change, and more. What's that weird food smell? It's certainly not coming from between your seats.

    6. A cupholder trash can perfectly sized for gum wrappers and all those tiny things you gotta do something with lest you be distracted while driving!

    7. And a waterproof trash can for containing all the bigger things your family is ready to toss while in your car.

    8. A foaming upholstery shampoo that'll work SO well you'll start checking your mailbox for your Hogwarts acceptance letter.

    9. A pair of headrest hooks can keep your purse *right* where you need it instead of tumbled over on the floor of your backseat spilling its precious contents of crumpled-up receipts and 78% of the beauty products you own loosely thrown in there.

    10. A backseat organizer that'll corral your kids' stuff because you'd like to see the floor of your car again.

    11. A bug remover spray to erase those tiny corpses from your grill where they meet their demise.

    12. A dip clip that'll hook onto your car vent so when you have to eat in your car, spills will be a lil' less likely.

    13. A dedicated wet/dry vacuum (that plugs into the cigarette lighter!) because who has the time to go by the car wash and feed quarters into the vacuum?!

    14. A car trunk organizer with non-slip strips on the bottom to keep it (and everything contained within) from sliding around as you hit yellow lights. Just think of how many grocery bags will easily fit in the back around this!

    15. If you're a smoker (or drive around a smoker), this cup holder ashtray will look so much nicer than stray butts or repurposed soda cans.

    16. A spring-loaded coin holder that'll corral the jingling change in your car door pocket and fit nicely into a cup holder to help you make speedier money moves in the drive-thru.

    17. Trim-able floor mats built to stand up to the elements because you're not going to wipe off your drenched shoes before you duck into your car during a downpour.

    18. A headlight restoration kit that'll save you about $80 instead of going to the car shop to get this cleaning done. And then you can brag about it to anyone who doesn't ask why it looks like your car got a facelift.

    19. A steering-wheel cover made of leather and microfiber in subtle (like this) and not-so-subtle color combos in case you just can't seem to get your steering wheel cover looking clean. This'll help you start over fresh!

    20. A compact silicone brush to get all the tiny hairs out of your upholstery and carpet that a hand vac just never seems to get.

    21. A powerful tire cleaner that'll work on all sorts of wheels to clean off the road dust (and so much more).

    22. A glove box organizer so the space that holds your most dear documents won't be filled with crumpled-up inspection receipts and all sorts of papers that you *think* are important but you're not quite sure what they are from a glance.

    23. A sling-like purse holder you can stretch between your front two seats to keep all your essentials within reach and upright, instead of all over the dang floorboard. Seriously, no more lint-covered vials of lip gloss you find a year later.

    24. Microfiber cleaning cloths that'll ever so *gently* get all the nitty gritty off of your automobile.

    25. A set of drill brush attachments you can use in sooooo many ways and places. But it'll do major things on grungy car seats with a lil' cleaner.

    26. Mink oil you can use to revive the look (and feel!) of your car's leather surfaces. They take a lot and they deserve it!

    27. Or a liquid leather conditioner for bringing those gorgeous leather seats back to the factory hue.

    28. And because so much of somewhere being "clean" has to do with ~smells~, a bamboo charcoal air purifier you can toss in your car and forget about it.

    29. AND IF IT'S A LIL' MORE DIRE, an air sanitizer even funeral directors recommend will be ever so helpful.

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