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    17 Things For People Who Absolutely, Positively Hate Wearing Pants

    Socially acceptable ways to free yourself from those leg prisons.

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    1. This mermaid tail blanket to wear if your roommates or loved ones take issue with you sitting pants-less on the furniture.

    2. A thin kimono robe so you can get your Buffalo Bill on β€” minus the illegal stuff β€” without sweating your ass off.

    3. A breezy kilt for enjoying the finer things in life, like the Scottish highlands or a warm gust.

    4. Some pencils that spell it out for your cubicle mate so you'll have to hear "Why don't you ever wear pants?" one less time.

    5. A sleeveless shirtdress so cute you'll start a petition to ban those normie shirts that hit at the waist.

    6. Some anti-chafe balm because refusing to wear pants actually takes quite a toll on your inner thighs...but the friction is manageable with this stuff.

    7. The perfect T-shirt to wear with anything but pants.

    8. A strapless romper in a bunch of pretty patterns that'll make folks say, "What pants?!"

    9. And a modest maxi ~with pockets~ bc versatility is a good thing.

    10. Some top-rated self-tanner for a dose of color.

    11. Or, some light-enhancing lotion that blinds people EVEN MORE with your flawless, pale AF stems.

    12. Handmade wall art to commemorate your stance in life and you can eventually pass on to your pants-hating descendants.

    13. A high-low dress so airy it might be the closest (legal) thing to living your life as a nudist anywhere you damn please.

    14. A welcome home gift for a SO who forgot the dress code.

    15. Some lacy shorts with an inseam that won't ride up while you're wrangling roosters for the perfect photo op.

    16. Knee-high socks to keep your chilly knees from a-knockin'.

    17. And some palazzo pants that barely even count as pants, tbh.

    Going pants-less worked for Pooh, too.