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    18 Of The Best Grills You Can Get On Amazon

    Your backyard barbecues are gonna be LIT. And not just by charcoal!

    1. A compact charcoal grill with a side drawer and cast-iron grates, aka it's perf for decks or patios.

    2. This 14" portable Weber you can take to the beach or camping.

    3. A HUGE cabinet gas grill that'll earn you some new best friends on the block.

    4. This narrow party grill will be the main event at your next kabob party.

    5. A two-burner propane grill that ignites with the press of a button.

    6. An OG 22" grill for no-fuss food prep without all the extras you most likely don't need.

    7. Or this classic charcoal remix that has a gas startup for quick cooking, an easy transition to charcoal grilling

    8. A restaurant-grade outdoor flat top with 36" of griddle space for all kinds of noms.

    9. This portable tabletop gas grill for taking your tailgates to a new, tastier level.

    10. A durable gas grill made with a porcelain coating for withstanding the elements.

    11. This Coleman road-trip grill that easily folds up into the size of a carry-on.

    12. A square charcoal grill with ample shelf space for seasonings, sauces, plates, and more.

    13. This grill/smoker combo that won't hog precious patio space.

    14. A tabletop grill you can also mount as a side fire box on a barrel grill.

    15. A swivel grill for cooking over your fire pit or on camping trips.

    16. A Cuisinart tabletop gas grill you can move from deck to tailgating to wherever.

    17. A pre-seasoned charcoal grill from the same people who make (excellent) Lodge cast-iron skillets.

    18. And an infrared electric grill for easy cooking and dragging around for outdoor entertaining.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.