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21 Eye Creams You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

Puffiness, dark circles, and crow's feet can take a walk.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A sleeper hit rosehip and hibiscus formulation disguised in cute packaging.,

Promising Review: "I actually use it on my entire face and neck. It is really smooth and I feel it absorbing. I am almost 40, so trying to keep the wrinkles away." —Nay

Price: $17.99


2. A budget-friendly plumping cream that goes toe to toe with pricier brands.

Promising Review: "I am completely sold on this product. My esthetician knows that I am a teacher and can't afford expensive products. She told me about this line of products and I will never use anything else again. I have wrinkles that are hereditary and I was so skeptical, as nothing I've ever tried has worked. This worked." —OHTeach81

Price: $14.79

3. A lifting gel for doing some serious work on wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.,

Promising Review: "It got to a point that under my eyes makeup no longer looked good. Now after 12 days and using the eye cream twice a day, the results are fantastic! Both pictures are with makeup, but now my makeup glides smooth. I use Argan oil underneath and wait five minutes before concealer." —Prime_time

Price: $23.95

5. An anti-aging cream fit for targeting eye bags.,

Promising Review: "Bags under the eyes are disappearing in just weeks, but it started to work almost immediately. And it's not causing me any allergic problems." —Maria

Price: $23.90

6. A fragrance-free gel-cream with hyaluronic acid — which moisturizes up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

Promising Review: "This is my go-to eye cream since trying it a year ago. When my tube starts getting to half empty, I rush to buy one or two more, because this stuff works to keep my eye area hydrated and looking smooth. I've tried too many eye products and spent too much money on products that didn't work in the past. This is calming, non-irritating, and I use it all day long to keep my crow's feet wrinkles at bay. Price is best on Amazon, that I have found." —Minnesota Daisy

Price: $13.84


7. A vitamin-C serum that'll make your skin ~glow~.,

Promising Review: "I have NEVER left a review on anything but I had to for this product! I've been using this for a month only on my under eye area and I really see a difference. My under eyes look way better than before. At first I thought it wasn't working so I was getting frustrated, until I took a picture and compared it to the ones I had taken before I started using this product. I really saw a difference. Love it!" —Jazmin Barriga

Price: $25

8. A restorative cream that'll make you feel as bright as a dancing candelabra in a fairytale.

Promising Review: "This was recommended to me by my dermatologist and I love it. I was thinking of eye surgery because of drooping eyelids and this cream has been amazing — both over and under my eyes." —Elise Slater

Price: $64.95

9. A retinol moisturizer with ingredients to tackle things like under eye bags, acne, wrinkles, and more!,

Promising Review: "I'm 30 years old and have been suffering from acne and a variety of skin issues since quitting birth control, being pregnant, breastfeeding, stopping breastfeeding, etc. Hormones have been a wreck for a few years now and it has taken a toll on my skin. I've been using this product in combination with the vitamin c serum (as recommended) for just shy of one month now and feel a huge difference in my skin. It is softer, smoother, and more supple. I'm actually getting carded again for the first time in years and that feels AMAZING." —Jenee Menconi

Price: $18.95

10. A "transforming" cream that fights seven signs of aging.

Promising Review: "I have been using this for several months and the puffiness and dark circles have disappeared. My husband says that my eyes are looking a lot better than what they have been in years." —Christine

Price: $15.94

11. A soothing eye balm for lessening the (visible) effects of stress.,

Promising Review: "I had an eyebrow lift last year and my plastic surgeon recommended this line to help fade the scars on my eye lid. I love it because it does not irratate or dry out my eyes like other creams have down yet it is very moisturizing." —wcmom

Price: $62


12. A cell-renewing gel with ingredients that promote elasticity and firmness.

Promising Review: "This eye gel is great! I started using it about 10 days ago, and the skin around my eyes feels so soft and the puffiness and bags have really started to diminish. The fine lines around the outer corners of my eyes are disappearing, too. It feels like my eyes lost five years in the last 10 days!" —Love to Shop!

Price: $29.95

13. An antioxidant-packed cream that's suitable for all skin types and pledges to help retain collagen.,

Promising Review: "Now, by no means am I saying it's a miracle cream but indeed most of the claims of this cream are dead on. I have yet to see if it will get rid of my wrinkles completely, but so far have noticed a huge improvement — and for the price it's a great deal. My eyes and skin is brighter and tighter. I have only used it on my eyes, but am told you can use it on your whole face as well. I think that is pretty awesome, and will be next on my list of things to try. However, I would highly recommend this product. Here are my before and after pictures after just ONE use." —Amy Ballou

Price: $18.49

14. A cooling gel for tackling all your eye-aging problems.

Promising Review: "I have dark circles NO MATTER WHAT. I am talking nasty gray/black triangles under my eyes. I have been using this product for a month now. Now, it did not magically get rid of having my dark circles since I was 6 but like I said, I did notice a difference. Be careful when you are pumping to get the first amount out because I was pumping and pumping to get it going and a whole pump came out and I felt like I used half the stinking container. A tiny bit goes a long way." —discfocused

Price: $15.48

15. An eye tightener from cult beauty brand Peter Thomas Roth.,

Promising Review: "I suffer from allergies, and naturally down-turned eyes. Between those two factors and my age (48) my under eyes are looking pretty haggard. I always look like I'm sad or sleepy. I don't want to do anything permanent, but concealer just doesn't work for my problems. It makes it look worse. I gave this stuff a shot and think it makes a real difference. I use it under my eyes and from just above the crease in my eyelid, to my brow bone. It reduces the bags and provides a little lift." —Amazon Customer

Price: $29.19

16. A lightweight gel that absorbs quickly while going to work on discoloration.,

Promising Review: "I have pretty difficult skin and nothing ever seems to work on me. I've been using this for seven days and I've already noticed the reddish/purplish color under my eyes has lightened quite a bit. This was my biggest issue with my eyes, so I'm ecstatic! My eyes look brighter and the lines at the corners of eyes when I smile are a bit less noticeable, as well." —Debora

Price: $15.95


17. A vitamin C-packed cream for fuller, youthful under eyes.

Promising Review: "I have used eye moisturizer for over 10 years, all high-end products. This is by far the best I have ever used, and the cost is a third of what I paid for the last product I used. After less than a week of use, I can see a difference in the skin around my eyes." —patriotbaker

Price: $44.99

18. A renewing treatment fit for those with even the most sensitive of skin.

Promising Review: "My doctor put me on to this one and it's outstanding. It moisturizes and doesn't leave a film behind, and you can apply your under eye concealer without any pilling for flaking of the product. I really have seen an improvement and halting of any further eye creases." —Christine M. Bissell

Price: $50

19. A little tube of potent retinol cream meant to zap away crow's feet.,

Promising Review: "I started to notice fine lines and wrinkles appearing around my eyes, so was looking for a retinoid cream to reverse the effects of aging and sun damage. This cream plumps up my skin and diminishes the fine creases around my eyes, creating softer smoother skin. I apply it at night after I have cleansed my skin, toned, and moisturized. It is very creamy and a pea-sized amount is all that is needed." —Matt

Price: $20.82

21. And some rapid wrinkle repair cream bc those crow's feet don't stand a chance.

Promising Review: "I've been using this product for about 8 or 9 months now. The fine line beginnings of crow's feet at the corners of my eyes are completely gone, and the lines under my eyes reduced tremendously. I'm 41 and don't spend a lot of time in the sun. I'd be tempted to remove a star for the results not being particularly rapid — this didn't happen in the time frame suggested by the packaging — but given more time and daily use, it has far exceeded even my expectations." —L. Omega

Price: $17.97

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.