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    43 Dresses That'll Make You Want To Burn All Your Pants In A Ceremonial Bonfire

    Pants? Who needs 'em?!

    Hey! While we try to keep our posts updated as much as we can, this post is actually from 2018, so we can't guarantee that the pricing and/or availability of the products featured are accurate. For our most up-to-date recommendations, check out the 2019 version of this post!

    1. A floral looker with pockets (pockets!) to hold snacks and other daily essentials.

    2. A corset maxi from Zendaya's new Boohoo collection as a perfect layering top coat with plenty of room for *shaking it up.*

    3. A contrast-piping midi with a timeless pattern that'll always manage to feel ~fresh~.

    4. A flowy halter in a boho print — it might just become your brunch go-to this season.

    5. A wrap option that'll make you look like the definition of a spring afternoon.

    6. A tiered confection with plenty of room for air flow so you'll look like you're not sweating it when your skin feels like a faucet.

    7. A flouncy number with pom-pom trim and lots of attitude in case you need to turn a cold shoulder.

    8. A sweet treat that'll bring a smile to your face without worrying about the impending sugar crash.

    9. A gingham dream loose enough to lounge in while picnicking in the park.

    10. A leafy print you'll plan a luau around just to model it for your loved ones.

    11. A future go-to in ruffles, denim, and a shape with room for shimmying under the moonlight.

    12. A faux-leather stunner ~bound~ to make you dance floor royalty.

    13. An off-the-shoulder frock with bell sleeves that'll really help drive home your point if you talk with your hands (like me!).

    14. A two-fer to take the math out of layering a slip dress to perfection.

    15. A tie-sleeve skater for looking all kinds of coy and low-key glam.

    16. A chiffon mini with dramatic sleeves and a back cutout to facilitate better summer ~air flow~.

    17. A ruffled dream with lots of motion to shrug into the weekend with your best dance moves. (Hello, robot arm.)

    18. An eyelet combo as an excellent option for that white party you're slated to attend Memorial Day weekend.

    19. A low-key blush of spring in the form of a comfy T-shirt dress you'll find all kinds of excuses to wear.

    20. A shirt-skirt combo to keep it chill without worrying about choosing a shirt that'll tuck nicely into a skirt.

    21. A Lilo dupe for when you wanna cosplay Lilo & Stitch with your shorter BFF. Or maybe just look v tropical.

    22. An off-the-shoulder gem that'll help you recreate this exact pose when someone says something unbelievably dumb.

    23. A seersucker gem for making all dang season feel like it's the Kentucky Derby. Mint Julep (sadly) not included.

    24. A Barbie sundress worthy of planning a dedicated photoshoot with you and your fav doll.

    25. A cold-shoulder maxi that'll make the dramatic entrance for you.

    26. A citrus spin that's all sweet, no sour.

    27. A lace-up shirt the perfect length to graze your over-the-knee boots when it's still too cold to wear sandals.

    28. A work of art that'll cost way less than the runway looks you have pinned to that private Pinterest board.

    29. A racerback midi with pockets and lots of wiggle room for all kinds of social activities.

    30. A striped beaut that'll go nicely with any warm-weather Insta settings you have in mind.

    31. A printed maxi worthy of your frills and thrills.

    32. A breezy midi that screams $200, but you can take away a zero.

    33. A ruffled beaut for a look that straddles the fence between dramatic and carefree. (The perfect place to be, IMO.)

    34. A strappy shift so you'll have something to wear when you want NOTHING grazing your shoulders.

    35. A romantic slip as a layering standout to romanticize anything you wear it to, even the DMV!

    36. A flouncy floral that'll be a total winner for people who hate flouncy florals!

    37. A twirl-ready frock with the potential for making a dramatic exit. Or the perfect Instagram!

    38. A striped pick you can wear a million different ways this year.

    39. A tube top to wear as a mini dress on days when you want the least amount of fabric touching your skin.

    40. A swing mini built for summer fun in the sun. Or just for looking really amazing indoors.

    41. A tropical maxi you could totally fake a beach vacation on social media while wearing if you just put your heart and budget-conscious soul into it.

    42. A Bardot option you've probably already spotted in the gazillion stories on the internet about how to dress like a French girl this spring.

    43. A belted black option in case you *only* wear black but want to switch it up a bit.

    After all, you can't get your twirl on like this in just a pair of pants.

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