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    25 Splurge-Worthy Beauty Tools That'll Have You Screaming "TAKE MY MONEY!"

    Just some holy grail tools (and some cheap AF dupes) to help with your routine.

    1. A Tangle Teezer to painlessly de-snare your precious locks, no matter your hair type!

    2. A Shhhowercap you'll quickly discover is leagues above all the other shower caps out there.

    3. A prestige Mason Pearson boar bristle brush to redistribute your hair's natural oils and leave your locks — plus extensions — in order.

    4. A Beauty Blender sponge we should all thank the beauty gods for in an age where (pre-filter) selfies capture your likeness frighteningly well.

    5. A Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer to *quietly* help you whip your hair into shape before a big date and still let you hear the pizza delivery guy ring your doorbell for pre-date noms.

    6. An Aquis Luxe Hair Towel for rapidly drying your hair to a damp state, which means you can spare yourself some time *and* heat damage!

    7. An Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush — it might just make you break up with your straightener (and help you sleep in a few minutes).

    8. A Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover with a twisting coil for getting at tiny little chin hairs all at once.

    9. Or a trio of level setter razors you'll find more useful if you hate the sensation of threading. (P.S. You can use them anywhere.)

    10. A Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge With Bamboo Charcoal for oh-so-gently buffing away the day.

    11. A Vera Mona Color Switch Brush Cleaner to help you pull the ole switcheroo when you're blending the perfect mermaid smoky eye without time to wash your brushes in between hues.

    12. A Clarisonic Mia 2 Cleaning Brush for a gentle cleansing sesh that'll get deep down in your pores.

    13. An award-winning Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler featuring a patented hinge capable of applying pressure *just so* to leave you with showstopping fringe.

    14. A Luna Play Plus to help you start fresh by massaging your face while removing makeup, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells — even if your skin is super sensitive.

    15. A makeup brush washing machine — it can take the burden of keeping your brushes in tip-top shape off your hands.

    16. A Nars Yachiyo Brush that'll work like singing cartoon birds dusting blush and bronzer on your beautiful visage.

    17. A Diamencel 3 Coarse Nail File made from diamonds for ease in shaping natural nails. And it can easily be washed!

    18. An Every Drop Beauty Spatula — it may seem like an unnecessary splurge, but it'll pay for itself over and over again.

    19. A funny looking hair tie, aka the Invisibobble, that'll hold your everyday 'dos without throwing a dent in your hair plans. (Just don't wear it to spin.)

    20. A Beachwaver curling iron to do all the twirling for you to achieve "lazy girl" waves.

    21. A Makeup Eraser — it can handle the job of 1800 makeup wipes! And then you can throw it in the wash! Lots of reasons to be excited about an unassuming piece of cloth!

    22. An Anastasia Beverly Hills 2-in-1 brow brush for sculpting your eyebrows like the queen of brows herself — with some practice, of course.

    23. A Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser packed with goat milk that'll dissolve makeup and impurities.

    24. A Rolencos Scalp Brush for a salon-like shower sesh and to help stimulate blood and hair flow on your scalp.

    25. An Erborian Precision Mask Applicator to help you achieve that sectioned-off mask look that never seems to happen when you use your fingers.

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