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    25 Splurge-Worthy Beauty Tools That'll Have You Screaming "TAKE MY MONEY!"

    Just some holy grail tools (and some cheap AF dupes) to help with your routine.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Tangle Teezer to painlessly de-snare your precious locks, no matter your hair type!

    Promising review: "I give this product 10 stars if I could. I have a 4C texture hair and of African decent, this product worked wonders on my tight curls. I also used on my daughter who has a finer grade of hair and it still worked great and she did not cry at all when detangling her hair. I will be ordering more in the future. It also arrived pretty quick." —Yanna

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99+ (four colors).

    Want less of a splurge? Get a similar Crave Naturals brush from Amazon for $10.77.

    2. A Shhhowercap you'll quickly discover is leagues above all the other shower caps out there.

    Promising review: "For years I have been putting my hair in a bun and a thick headband while avoiding the shower with expert practice to avoid wetting my hair. I stumbled upon this and thought, now there’s a shower cap I could live with! It is so pretty, the box was so nice also. A great gift! No lines on my face or soreness from a tight band! The print is lovely, the fabric is completely water proof and shakes off easy. I am going to use it with a hair treatment today!" —karenjoan

    Check out why a BuzzFeeder swears by it.

    Get it from Sephora for $43 (11 patterns) or Revolve for $43 (four patterns).

    Want less of a splurge? Get a Kitsch Luxe shower cap from Amazon for $24+ (four patterns).

    3. A prestige Mason Pearson boar bristle brush to redistribute your hair's natural oils and leave your locks — plus extensions — in order.

    Promising review: "This is not a hair bush. It's the finger tips of God." —Liza Schubert

    Get it from Amazon for $205.

    4. A Beauty Blender sponge we should all thank the beauty gods for in an age where (pre-filter) selfies capture your likeness frighteningly well.

    Promising review: "I tried a Beauty Blender a few years back and loved it, but when it was time to purchase a new one I calculated the cost of replacing it every four to six weeks and decided I should try some generic brands. I tried to convince myself (and succeeded, for a time!) that the generics worked 'just as well' but after a while I realized that I no longer used the sponge to apply foundation because it just isn't that great. Fast forward a year and I'm just getting older, and in need of some foundation to look presentable! I decided to come back to Beauty Blender and wish I'd never left — it really does a MUCH better job applying foundation than any of the generics out there. I don't know what it is about it, but it works. Worth the price." —kemilie

    Get it from Amazon for $19+ (five colors).

    Want less of a splurge? Get a Zenda Naturals sponge from Amazon for $5.95.

    5. A Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer to *quietly* help you whip your hair into shape before a big date and still let you hear the pizza delivery guy ring your doorbell for pre-date noms.

    Promising review: "I was skeptical to blow $400 on a blow dryer but I was confident that I could return it no questions asked, so I took the plunge. The product blew me away!! It dries super fast, it’s super quiet, and it eliminates the need for a flat iron. Some reviews I read prior to purchasing expressed concerns with the magnetic attachments falling off but I have never experienced this and I use a roller brush and pull pretty hard. It took some getting used to with the shape of the dryer but not bad at all. I love it and hope it lasts forever." —Suzoo305

    And check out a BuzzFeeder's review!

    Get it from Sephora for $399, Bed Bath & Beyond for $399.99 (red edition with case), Bergdorf Goodman for $399 (red edition with case), Dyson for $449.99 (with a leather case), or Ulta for $399.99 (three colors).

    6. An Aquis Luxe Hair Towel for rapidly drying your hair to a damp state, which means you can spare yourself some time *and* heat damage!

    Promising review: "This thin, lightweight hair towel does some pretty heavy duty work. I love using it to hold my damp hair back while I do my makeup, and it doesn’t leave my neck aching like a heavier towel would. The size is perfect for wrapping my medium length hair and leaves it almost fully dry in the time it takes me to do my makeup. The price is pretty hefty though. I’m one who doesn’t pay more than $10 for my giant bath towels. Also, adding some kind of tie or velcro to hold it in place rather than tucking it would be nice." —mirnalopez

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99 (five colors), Sephora for $30 (five colors), or Ulta for $30 (five colors).

    Want less of a splurge? Get a DevaCurl microfiber towel from Walmart for $10.69, Amazon for $14.50, Jet for $14.50, Sephora for $20, or Ulta for $20.

    7. An Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush — it might just make you break up with your straightener (and help you sleep in a few minutes).

    Read up on why one BuzzFeeder is obsessed.

    Get it from Amazon, Sephora, Birchbox, or Amika for $120

    Want less of a splurge? Another BuzzFeeder loves the similar InStyler brush. Get it from Amazon for $58.38 or Target for $58.99.

    8. A Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover with a twisting coil for getting at tiny little chin hairs all at once.

    Promising review: "Amazing! As someone with fair skin, dark hair, and of Italian heritage, I have used almost every method in the book — tweezing, waxing, electrolysis...I was considering doing laser, even paid the deposit, but I couldn't stay out of the sun enough for it to work. Now I'm so glad I didn't — this thing is the best! Minimally painful, gets all the hairs (even the ones I can't see), and I can do it in the comfort of my own home whenever I want. I used it on my lip, cheeks, chin, and neck, and it did a fantastic job. I would not use it on the brow though, as it's too easy to go further than you meant to there, so I'll stick to tweezing for that area." —Midwest Mom

    Get it from Amazon for $13.79.

    Want less of a splurge? Get a five-pack of threading sticks from Amazon for $3.50.

    9. Or a trio of level setter razors you'll find more useful if you hate the sensation of threading. (P.S. You can use them anywhere.)

    Promising review: "I am very impressed with these razors, so much more efficient than using tweezers. A great maintenance tool for in between waxing appointments." —Minky123

    Get them from Sephora for $8.

    Want less of a splurge? Get a trio of similar razors from Amazon for $3.70.

    10. A Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge With Bamboo Charcoal for oh-so-gently buffing away the day.

    Promising review: "This has honestly replaced my Clarisonic. Does a better job with pores and is so much less expensive. I also have the white sponge which is for sensitive skin. Both are wonderful. Can't go wrong with this one." —newride

    Get it from Sephora for $20 or Ulta for $15.

    Want less of a splurge? Get an EcoTools Konjac sponge from Walmart for $4.97 or a MY Konjac Sponge from Amazon for $9.57.

    11. A Vera Mona Color Switch Brush Cleaner to help you pull the ole switcheroo when you're blending the perfect mermaid smoky eye without time to wash your brushes in between hues.

    There's the original Vera Mona and then there's this ~Sephora edition~.

    Promising review: "This understated little can works amazingly. It removes all traces of makeup in your brushes. I wash the container with just water once a week. It's so much easier on your brushes to not scrub them down every day. I wash mine once or twice a week now." —Jodi5868

    Get it from Sephora for $18.

    Want less of a splurge? Get a Zodaca brush cleaner from Walmart for $5.39, Jet for $5.79, or Amazon for $6.49.

    12. A Clarisonic Mia 2 Cleaning Brush for a gentle cleansing sesh that'll get deep down in your pores.

    Get it from Jet for $169 (four colors).

    Want less of a splurge? Get an Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System with cleanser from Amazon for $24.99, or Ulta for $17.50.

    13. An award-winning Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler featuring a patented hinge capable of applying pressure *just so* to leave you with showstopping fringe.

    Promising review: "Nothing has been able to curl my straight lashes and I'm certain it's due to the aging process. At 71, my lashes are coarse and straight as could be. No other curler has worked for me. I find that 'if' I curl them, apply a light coat of mascara, wait 15 minutes, and recurl them, the second coat of mascara acts like hair spray and keeps them up for a while. I've always had lush lashes that framed my eyes and now, it's very frustrating to have to work so hard to keep them in an upright position. If any of you older ladies are having the same problem and have found a solution, I'm all ears. I'm grateful for the Shu Uemura curler for making this arduous process easier for me." —atlas

    Get it from Shu Uemura for $22.

    Want less of a splurge? Get a Petunia Skincare curler from Amazon for $6.99.

    14. A Luna Play Plus to help you start fresh by massaging your face while removing makeup, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells — even if your skin is super sensitive.

    Promising review: "My skin is so smooth when I wash with this. I have rosacea and sensitive skin in general, and this keeps it soft without irritating. Blemishes from having dry/rough skin almost immediately reduced after using this. I also use the brush on my toddler’s arms — she has keratosis pilaris and eczema and the gentle exfoliation helps keep it under control in the dry winter months. I love the cheerful color and the cute size that fits well into my admittedly child-sized hands. Have not yet had to replace the batteries." —VioletandRye

    Get it from Amazon for $49 (eight colors).

    Want less of a splurge? Get a similar Hairby facial cleansing brush from Amazon for $18.99.

    15. A makeup brush washing machine — it can take the burden of keeping your brushes in tip-top shape off your hands.

    Promising review: "After months of thinking about it and wasted hours of hand washing makeup brushes, I finally purchased this and am so glad I did! This device has saved me so much time and annoyance of dealing with dirty brushes. Yes you do need to wipe off excess makeup from the brushes before cleaning them with this device, but it's only a couple minutes (use IPA to wipe off the stubborn cream and liquid brushes). The cleanser has a nice smell to it but I do an additional rinse cycle because I don't like strong scents. You have to do some trial and error with how much cleanser to use too. Bottom line, if you're a makeup lover, try this — you won't be disappointed!" —Luiza M.

    Get it from Amazon for $109+ (two colors).

    Want less of a splurge? Get a one-brush cleaning machine from Amazon for $21.49.

    16. A Nars Yachiyo Brush that'll work like singing cartoon birds dusting blush and bronzer on your beautiful visage.

    Promising review: "I find that this brush is truly multifunctional as described. Perfect for under-eye, cheeks, and tops of cheekbones. I particularly love love love to use it with my NARS blushes as I find it works to add the perfect amount of product to the cheeks (and we all know how pigmented those blushes are)!" —bricatfree

    Get it from Jet for $50.42, Walmart for $54.80, or Sephora for $55.

    Want less of a splurge? Get a Japonesque Kumadori contour and highlighting brush from Ulta for $13.30.

    17. A Diamencel 3 Coarse Nail File made from diamonds for ease in shaping natural nails. And it can easily be washed!

    Promising review: "I have thick toe nails that sometimes actually hurt when I wear shoes (TMI, I know). Nevertheless, I bought this pricey, course nail file and I am pleased. It's thin, somewhat flexible, and most importantly, grinds right through my toenails. Finally, on the one side with grit (the other side is smooth), they left a very thin edge that's free of grit so it doesn't harm the surrounding flesh as you saw away. It rinses off nicely after use and looks like new. I've only had it for two weeks now, so I'm unable to attest to it's durability. So far, so good." —Rilodile

    Get it from Amazon for $29.

    Want less of a splurge? Get a crystal nail file from Amazon for $9.99.

    18. An Every Drop Beauty Spatula — it may seem like an unnecessary splurge, but it'll pay for itself over and over again.,

    Promising review: "I used to turn my bottles upside down, but would leave lots of foundation unintentionally. This is so worth it and will save me so much money!" —jennifer i.

    Get it from Amazon for $5.82.

    19. A funny looking hair tie, aka the Invisibobble, that'll hold your everyday 'dos without throwing a dent in your hair plans. (Just don't wear it to spin.)

    Promising review: "I am a hairdresser and I feel like this should be explained better. This is not made to hold your ponytail while you go for a jog. It is strong enough that you could use it to secure a braid. The beauty of this product is that the coils prevent your hair from getting a band mark. Want your hair to have lots of volume in the morning with no bed head? Gather your hair onto the top of your head and loosely secure it. In the morning, take out the Invisibobble and voila!" —Annadj

    Get it from Amazon for $7.89 (six colors).

    Want less of a splurge? Get a similar Kitsch eight-piece set from Amazon for $10 (five colors).

    20. A Beachwaver curling iron to do all the twirling for you to achieve "lazy girl" waves.,

    Promising review: "You know that perfectly wavy reality TV star hair? I wanted it. Craved it. Tried everything to get it. But nothing worked. Nothing lasted. I thought that my long, thick hair was just going to be straight forever. Impervious to curls of any kind. Until I tried the Beachwaver. I fell in love, y'all. I watched in wonder as my head of lackluster locks transformed into flowing waves with just the push of a button. Literally — it's pretty much dummy-proof. Basically does all the work for you. #motorizedmagic And here's the really crazy part — these curls last. For a looooong time. I'm talking 3+ days. Even brushed out and slept on, my hair stays soft, smooth, and perfectly wavy. I'm starting to feel like this is just the natural state of my hair. Probably gonna get my own reality show soon just because of these glorious waves. I know it's pricey, but think of it as an investment in your awesomeness. You're worth it. You deserve it. And so does your soon-to-be primetime hair." —OhMargo

    Get the S1 curler (1") from Amazon for $129.

    Want less of a splurge? Get a similar Kiss Instawave automatic curling iron from Amazon for $47.95.

    21. A Makeup Eraser — it can handle the job of 1800 makeup wipes! And then you can throw it in the wash! Lots of reasons to be excited about an unassuming piece of cloth!

    Promising review: "As someone who has suffered from skin sensitivity for most of my adult life, I have continued to struggle finding something that removes my makeup with ease while also protecting my skin. This eraser not only removes all of my makeup without irritation, it also removes waterproof mascara without any issue! Cleaning is a breeze, as I simply throw it in the wash or hand wash with baby shampoo." —Brittany Saxon

    Get it from Amazon for $20.

    Want less of a splurge? Get a three-pack of similar makeup removing cloths from Amaozn for $2.97. (I use and adore them!)

    22. An Anastasia Beverly Hills 2-in-1 brow brush for sculpting your eyebrows like the queen of brows herself — with some practice, of course.

    Promising review: "This brow brush is perfect. It is so thin that it makes fixing uneven brows much easier and very natural looking." —SoSoHappy

    Get it from Ulta for $18.

    Want less of a splurge? Get an e.l.f. eyebrow duo brush from Walmart for $3.

    23. A Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser packed with goat milk that'll dissolve makeup and impurities.

    Promising review: "I bought this item because I read the reviews. Honestly, this is the best brush cleaner I have ever used! The reviews were not lying. All you have to do is wet your brush and swirl it in the cleaner. You then wash out the cleaner and your brushes are completely clean! It gave my brushes life again, and they look brand new. Plus, they smell fantastic! I am so grateful I read the reviews because I would never have found this wonderful makeup brush cleaner. I am beyond happy with my purchase!" —Krystal Diaz

    Get it from Amazon for $14.

    24. A Rolencos Scalp Brush for a salon-like shower sesh and to help stimulate blood and hair flow on your scalp.

    Promising review: "I have curly long hair but needed something to help scrub my head that didn't dangle my hair. This product is great. My husband who has super short hair loves using it also to get a good scrub and likes the feeling." —R

    Get it from Amazon for $9.85.

    Want less of a splurge? Get a Scalpmaster brush from Amazon for $2.77.

    25. An Erborian Precision Mask Applicator to help you achieve that sectioned-off mask look that never seems to happen when you use your fingers.

    Promising review: "If you have issues applying masks with your fingers and having excess product wasted from rinsing your fingers off and want a more hygienic way to apply jarred masks, this is for you! Plus, it's just fun to use. I used On Fresh's Sugar Face Polish and it's pretty thick and worked pretty well. Very easy to use and effortlessly works around the crevices and features of your noise. Tip is very durable yet flexible for smooth application. Had bought a kitchen spatula and used to apply masks but now I don't look like I'm trying to add cake frosting on my face. I also travel a lot so I like to keep it in the plastic box it comes in. I might try to find a better durable box to keep it safe in. An essential mask applicator beauty tool for any mask junkie!" —aznflip26

    Get it from Sephora for $19.

    Want less of a splurge? Get a pair of Opiqcey mask brushes from Amazon for $5.20.

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