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    25 Secretly Practical Father's Day Gifts

    They're win-wins, and throw in another "win" bc you'll win the game of gift-giving this year.

    1. An adorable hankerchief customized with the kids' scribbles so he won't wipe his snotty nose on his sleeve in public. Again.

    2. An extra capacity travel wallet – you can tell him it's RFID-blocking (it is!), but know that you won't have to help him file a report with the bank like that time his debt card slipped out of his wallet that's falling apart and overstuffed with rewards cards.

    3. Cool wireless headphones to help satisfy his gadget cravings and give you some peace when he watches Rush music videos on YouTube over and over again in the living room.

    4. A ~sleek~ anti-theft backpack that opens from the back-hugging side because his is looking worn but you can't help but think back about how he got pick pocketed on that European family vacation when he put the camera in his backpack's front pocket.

    5. A Yeti tumbler because he may feel too bad about paying for such a pricey travel mug but you'd happily pay more than $30 for the courtesy of not having to sit on a bunch of fresh coffee stains on his passenger side seat.

    6. Or a festive coffee mug that'll let him adjust the temperature of his beverage for those days when meetings leave him with a cooled cup of Joe at his desk.

    7. Cool coasters in the form of vinyl records or old-school game cartridges to create some excitement about putting some protection between the coffee table and a sweaty drink.

    8. Poo-Pourri – it may seem like a total gag gift, but I can assure you is actually incredibly effective. It's poised to become a household staple!

    9. And a bathroom caddy to keep the potty humor going while making the washroom look super tidy.

    10. A Space Invaders arcade game that'll seem like the least practical gift on the surface, but feel free to come back and tell me I was right when your kids stay occupied at Grandpa's house during visits and stay out of your hair.

    11. A vibrant passport holder you can tell him is one-of-a-kind and made out of a recycled billboard. But you'll also rest a bit easier leading up to your family trip to the Amalfi coast knowing he'll have some super bright patterns guiding him to exactly where it is.

    12. And while we're on the subject, a couple of novelty luggage tags that'll help him pick out his generic black rolling bags on the luggage carousel that much quicker.

    13. A mechanical bull–like pool float to make the best possible use of that in-ground pool he spent his holiday bonus on before finding out the boss signed him up for a jelly of the month club membership.

    14. And a fancy box of preserves and butters you can make that Christmas Vacation joke about and then proceed to smear all over every piece of bread in the joint.

    15. A classic Timex watch that won't break the bank and will be a major upgrade from that tired one he's been rocking your whole dang life (and looks it).

    16. A trio of plant-watering globes that'll add some flair to his plant bbs and keep them in fighting shape when your parents go away for a long weekend.

    17. A pizza pie of socks will be incredibly fun, but also help him phase out all those holey socks.

    18. ~Floating~ sunnies you're gonna get sooo many selfies of him wearing because the just look really sharp, OK?!

    19. A Carhartt collab baseball cap to replace that old smelly one for the Carhartt stan in your life.

    20. Camping salt and pepper grinders that'll be so cute yet so *useful* on your annual family camping trip because you shouldn't be roughing it too much when it comes to food.

    21. A handsome belt without holes you probably saw on Shark Tank — meaning that settling for a not-quite-right belt hole or creating his own will be a thing of the past.

    22. Poop emoji cookie cutters and cookie sheets he'll get so excited about using. And tbh, folks could always use more baking sheets for meal prep sessions.

    23. An adorable lil' desk vacuum as a little ray of sunshine to park on his desk. And it'll help his outlook even more once he puts it to use post-lunch.

    24. A Bigfoot air freshener in case he believes in — or just loves – a hairy legend! Plus it can make his car smell a lot less like a hairy creature that lives in the woods.

    25. And a funny tracker to save him so much on kibble because he can't deny those sweet, sweet puppy dog eyes.

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