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    45 Pairs Of Sandals That'll Go With Everything You Own

    Getting dressed while you're a sleepy zombie is going to be so easy.

    1. Buckled beauts that'll be a lil' bit tough and a whole lotta gorgeous.

    2. Huaraches for a comfy option that feels a little fancier than your old flip-flops.

    3. Soft straps to keep your feet blister-free, even if you're walking all over town. Oh, and they also come in a baker's dozen of color combos!

    4. Metallic slides that'll razzle dazzle, especially if you have wide feet!

    5. OG Dr. Scholl's with a new twist for *clearly* upgrading your summer sandal game.

    6. Vintage-style platforms to help you channel your inner Penny Lane.

    7. Clear straps with some serious stability and a chunky heel that'll make them #1 in your current shoe rotation.

    8. Yoga mat flip-flops to treat your feet every damn day.

    9. Jelly shoes for a summer staple with tons of sparkle to exude all the '90s vibes.

    10. Leopard-print straps as a gentle reminder that it should be treated as a neutral!

    11. Elastic straps for a ridiculously comfy and versatile option.

    12. Braided straps as a little somethin' somethin' when you can't be bothered to perfectly match your shoes to your outfit.

    13. Leather cutouts made to make you forget about every other pair of sandals in your closet.

    14. Caged boosts in case you have a fear of stepping out of backless sandals. (I get it.)

    15. Pearl-accented slides in case you wanna feel a little fancy without the pinching or heel pain.

    16. Cleated sandals with lots o' Spice Girls lift to get you where you need to go.

    17. Chloé waves that won't require much agility to ride out.

    18. Strappy stripes for adding some pizzazz. Maybe they'll push you into full-on pattern mixing. (Stripes are a neutral!!!)

    19. Optical illusions worthy of replacing your old strappy nude heels.

    20. Strappy flats to pack in your carry-on for every tropical vacay.

    21. Lucite heels that'll have you walking on air.

    22. Red lookers to look chill as hell, even when the heat has you majorly stressed.

    23. Woven mules for a fashion fix without killing your old dogs.

    24. Bold buckles that'll kinda be like wearing a sensible, summer-appropriate leather jacket on your feet.

    25. Pretty wedges to elevate every single sundress in your closet.

    26. Comfy picks with a biomechanically designed footbed built to prevent heel pain.

    27. Cork beauts you can get away with wearing to all the seasonal shindigs.

    28. Lattice slides with a hidden toe post to prevent sliding around everywhere.

    29. Bold buckles as an accent that won't go unnoticed.

    30. Classic wedges that'll earn your devotion once you realize you can basically live in them this spring.

    31. Moody tassels so you can finally come to the realization that you've been sleeping on gray as a neutral.

    32. Cute flatforms with three colors going on, so the chances of them not matching something will be pretty low.

    33. Trusty T-straps to lock in some easy style without having to think about it.

    34. Block heels that'll prove to be versatile all season long.

    35. Platform wedges for some stability when your options leave you feeling like you have nothing to wear.

    36. Blushing mules as a neutral investment that isn't beige.

    37. Ankle cuffs for that in-between weather when you want to wiggle your toes in the warm air but worry it may be too soon for sandals.

    38. Comfy footbeds you won't want to kick off as soon as you get home.

    39. Total studs worthy of some beautifully styled Instas.

    40. Ankle ties bound to be flirtier than your OG flip-flops.

    41. Bold gladiators you'll find every kind of excuse to wear, which tbh won't be that hard.

    42. Double bands that'll keep you sure-footed on all kinds of errands.

    43. Simple braids for some easy, breezy style that'll look like you tried.

    44. Snake-print straps with enough of a pattern to feel different but in a hue that won't clash with your look, no matter what you decide on that day.

    45. Handsome slingbacks you can throw in your bag and wear on far-flung trips.

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