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    45 Pairs Of Sandals That'll Make You Wish It Were Fucking Spring Already

    It's never too early to invest in some airy footwear.

    1. Colorful flats as free spirited as you are — or at least as much as your Insta makes you seem.

    2. Pool slides ready for a socks off, dance off.

    3. Faux-fur fatales to hold you over 'til the weather's approp enough to shrug back into your huge furry coat. (ALSO, faux-fur of course.)

    4. Pretty embellishments in regular *and* wide fits to satisfy your fancy sandal needs.

    5. Bold puppers to help your old dogs celebrate the year of the dog. (Obviously.)

    6. Prizewinners that say "I'd rather be fishing" if anything ever did.

    7. Adorable espadrilles — they might help you prolong breaks between pedis.

    8. Gorgeous ginghams that'll make getting dressed feel like a picnic.

    9. Red suede heels for those who prefer to sport pearls in other spots on their person (rather than around their neck).

    10. Simple sliders for coordinating with all your precious accessories.

    11. Printed flip-flops to keep you looking energetic, even when you feel like you're wilting in the heat.

    12. Laser-cut beauts for funneling all the attention to your ankles instead of your three day–dirty hair.

    13. Total charmers as an excuse to layer up on the accessories, because why the hell not?

    14. Floral platforms you could definitely use that '70s party being thrown by an acquaintance of an acquaintance as an excuse for buying.

    15. Total studs that just might make you look like a stylish Bedrock villain.

    16. Fringed slides — they could fool anyone into thinking you dropped a couple hundo on them.

    17. Optical illusions to step up any ho-hum outfit you're forced to wear on laundry day.

    18. Colorblock wedges that'll slide into your closet DMs.

    19. Modern metallics as a low-key fancy option when you wanna dress up a lil' without teetering around precariously.

    20. Comfy Vans for the occasions when you're forbidden from wearing your Old Skools.

    21. Festive pop-poms ready to bring the party, even if you're just putting them on for a trip to the drive-thru.

    22. Double feature slippers set for when you to go ~the theater~.

    23. Lofty stunners as your new neutral go-to.

    24. Jelly flatforms any self-respecting Spice Girls fan would proudly don while making a huge commotion in a nice hotel.

    25. Yoga slings for ultimate comfort when social and/or health protocol *requires* that you wear shoes.

    26. Studded babes in case you dig a slide, but would prefer a little more security.

    27. Bright Birkenstocks with an EVA footbed and outsole making them soooo much easier to clean than most of your other gorgeous sandals. Score!

    28. Polka dots that'd earn the approval of any Pink Lady.

    29. Floral wedges in case you have a garden party to attend, or if you're all of a sudden inspired to throw one yourself.

    30. Neutral wraps that'll feel like something special while matching 99.9% of the things you own.

    31. Chunky lace-ups for when your lil' goth toes need to come up for air.

    32. Velvet crushes in a totally doable heel that'll serve you well as the mercury rises but you can't quit your velvet habit.

    33. Fierce T-straps you could wear with joggers and a dirty T-shirt you picked up off your floor and TBH, you'd still look amazing.

    34. Chambray gladiators to add a ~spring~ in your step when you're still not sure if you need a jacket or not, even though it's friggin May.

    35. Pink profiles the toe ring–obsessed will adore.

    36. Vibrant crossovers for as of good a reason as any to go over to the ~colorful~ footwear side. Do it!

    37. ~Subtle~ wedges for a smidgen of height in a traffic-stopping hue.

    38. Colorful wraps to deliver some easy, breezy style that'd probably take a street style star lots of wardrobe mapping to pull off. Look at you!!!!

    39. Rainbow brights in case you'd rather choke than wear a neutral.

    40. Slithery stompers to remind passersby that yes, you are indeed a badass.

    41. Barely there footwear with just enough jazz (for when for you don't wanna distract from your outfit *too* much).

    42. Vintage-y platforms that are going to look fantastic with your mom's bellbottoms you unearthed in your grandparents' attic.

    43. Dainty ruffles as an anything-but-basic option.

    44. Psychedelic pumps that'll give you an excellent excuse to blast "Groove is in the Heart" for the millionth time.

    45. Feathery options if you have a secret Pinterest board inspired by Beauty and the Beast's Babette.

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