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21 Products That People Say Work Just As Well As Their Pricier Counterparts

Smart buys are *even* smarter if you can get away with the cheaper version.

1. A KitchenIQ sharpener that'll handle dull kitchen knives for change when compared to the Chef's Choice sharpener.

hand holding the kitchen sharpener in front of a cutting board with knives

2. A two-pack of glass phone screen protectors anyone can easily DIY (I did!) for less than a third of the cost of having someone apply one at the Apple store. I've been using these for YEARS and am on what is likely my third pack. They're lifesavers!

3. Stila eyeliner to help you draw on your preferred flick with smudgeproof wear (versus the slightly more versatile action of the double-tipped Tom Ford).

various lines drawn from various colors of the Stila eyeliner

4. An Instant Pot that'll stand in for 11 kitchen appliances, one of which is a rice cooker, like a pricey Zojirushi one. And an air fryer too!

5. A Bambusi bamboo steak carving board with juice grooves and a spot to park your roast with most of the bells and whistles that makes the sturdy JK Adams maple carving board perfect for sharp kitchen tasks.

thick cutting board with roast resting on grooved center and juice collected in grooves

6. A highly rated teardrop sponge can do the gorgeous deed like the pricier original BeautyBlender.

the sponge

7. A Cook N Home stainless-steel cooking set that'll shine just as bright in your kitchen as an All-Clad cookware set while whipping up all sorts of delish meals.

the Cook N Home set

8. Wet N Wild Catsuit Lipstick for delivering long-lasting color similar to Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick.

three models' arms swatched with the Wet N Wild lip color

9. A Shark hand vac that's actually meant for pet owners, but can still handle detail cleaning like a Dyson vac can.

person emptying dust bin of vacuum into trash using only one hand

10. An RTIC tumbler that'll keep liquids as hot or as frigid as you like, just as the legendary Yeti does.

silver RTIC tumbler

11. An Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush with lean, mean cleaning power akin to a Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush for the best dental visit yet!

closeup of the Oral-B toothbrush

12. A WorkPro 100-piece tool kit as a better budget-friendly home-improvement starter kit than a Craftsman 52-piece one.

The Workpro tool set

13. A set of cloth diaper fasteners that could turn you into a cloth diaper convert, finally ditching the disposables.

baby wearing a cloth diaper with the fastener holding it together

14. An URPOWER diffuser that'll rival the essential oil-diffusing effect of the super sexy (but much more expensive) MUJI one.

the diffuser

15. An Aeropress — it may just become your #1 caffeine bud with the versatility to use on camping trips, at the office, or just on your kitchen countertop — unlike a splurge-y Nespresso machine.

reviewer pic of the aeropress sitting on a coffee mug with the mountains in the background

16. An AmazonBasics laptop sleeve to lend some extra cushion comparable (in silhouette) to an InCase classic neoprene sleeve.

person carrying the AmazonBasics case

17. A Zinus mattress foundation for impressing your back without blowing your meager budget on an IKEA bed frame and basically every other bed frame out there that's pricier.

the Zinus foundation with lots of room underneath for storage

18. London Fog boots to get you through all sorts of winter slush for less than a pair of L.L. Bean boots.

the London Fog boot

19. A Ninja blender that'll whirrrr its way into your life and take the place of the buzzy Vitamix you were still saving up for.

hand lifting the lid off the Ninja blender

20. A pair of Joules wellies in case you can't shake the price on holy grail Hunters for shoes you're just going to get wet. *Very* wet.

21. A tube of Monistat chafing relief gel powder will give ya' similar prep work and staying power as luxury primers the likes of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.