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    27 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    Tooth-whitening dirt, a Harry Potter–themed Haggadah, and 25 other favorite products from our recent posts

    1. A five-pack of lacy boyshorts so you can swap out some of your ragged, hole-y undies and feel like you accomplished something.

    2. A pretty calendar to inspire your inner artist every month.

    3. Some sequin throw pillows that'll let you leave your mark with DIY designs.

    4. A breezy kimono in one of ~14~ colors and patterns to channel your inner boho.

    5. Sheer floral curtains to add some romantic light to a room...without sacrificing your privacy.

    6. A bottle of killer holographic nail polish so sleek it'll look like you went to a ~fancy~ salon.

    7. This ~mysterious~ key no one will know is actually a fancy bottle opener...until you show them.

    8. A card set that'll make game night great again.

    9. Some foam rosy string lights for a deceptively pricey look.

    10. A ceramic soap dish and bamboo brush set that easily stores and soaps up for dishwashing seshes.

    11. This avocado keeper to protect your green investments.

    12. An eye gel that gently lifts and refreshes pesky dark circles.

    13. Some mineral powder teeth whitener for making your pearly whites BLINDING.

    14. And a charcoal-and-raw-cacao powder that'll whiten your chompers and do a number on your bad breath, too.

    15. Wireless bluetooth headphones perf for shirtless gym time or watching GoT on the couch.

    16. Anti-chafe balm to keep skin irritation at a minimum during training seshes.

    17. A face mask that may remove all of your blackheads AND shrink your pores.

    18. A set of packing cubes so getting dressed on trips will be a snap.

    19. A lingerie set that'll make you never want to wear ~real~ clothes again.

    20. An air-vent phone holder for safely keeping your phone ready while you navigate your way through traffic.

    21. A Harry Potter–themed Haggadah because no one is wiser or more qualified to lead a Seder than Dumbledore.

    22. A roller stick to relieve sore and tight leg muscles after long runs.

    23. A four-pack of pouches so you can carry around a bunch of shit and still be organized.

    24. A trio of flower jelly lippies for a subtle, pretty stain with sticking power.

    25. This seatbelt adjustor because safety first!

    26. A dozen makeup brushes so you can finally perfect all those YouTube beauty tutorials you study like it's your job.

    27. And a toothpaste tube squeezer for getting out every last drop.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.