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    43 Photo Gifts They'll Adore Beyond Words

    Microwave-safe stickers, a garden flag, golf balls, stockings, digital frames, and so many more ways to gift a photo!

    1. A budget-friendly framed photo to go OG in a gorgeous way that won't break the bank.

    2. A custom gallery wall you can create if you're really going for all the Brownie points. Or if you and your siblings are going in for a group gift this year.

    3. Custom face stickers so they can stick their pet's angelic visage onto most anything their heart desires! (OK, you can use this for human faces too.)

    4. A gorgeous stocking that'll help the members of your fam who can't read just yet figure out which one to make a beeline to come Christmas morn.

    5. A baby footprint kit you can supply (along with two angelic pics) as a nursery treasure they can keep around 'til the kids graduate from high school, and then college, and then beyond!

    6. A Rubik's cube — it'll give them a little more skin in the game for putting every block back in the right spot.

    7. A ~magical~ reveal pillow that'll provide some gripping entertainment during lulls on movie night.

    8. A custom calendar — it could be just the thing to brighten up their dim cubicle every single day.

    9. A reaaalllly pretty desk calendar with a brass easel as something to glance at to see quick dates.

    10. A digital photo frame with ~unlimited storage~ you're required to tell them was on Oprah's list of favorite things this year.

    11. Or a Google home hub that'll create photo slideshows and soooo many other things, like automate Christmas lights, recall a recipe they use once a year, and even add background music to a bedtime story.

    12. Wood pallet art as a rustic chic way to celebrate their love, an achievement, or just a fantastic trip!

    13. A set of photo magnets you can split up between grandparents but, tbh, they're cheap enough to order multiple sets of so everyone can get a lil' fridge gallery!

    14. A custom prayer candle with their saintly likenesses emblazoned on it for a next-level gift.

    15. Or a custom Yankee Candle for the resident Yankee Candle head who always tells the clueless sibling to buy them something from there.

    16. An adorable laptop case for your bae — or maybe your friend who just uploaded their engagement pics to Insta?!

    17. Block art to show off all their fave bb's good angles. (No angle is a bad angle though, tbh.)

    18. A charming luggage tag to help them distinguish their black roller suitcase from the confusing parade on the luggage carousel.

    19. A neat journal (or planner!) that'll clear up any nonsense about if that's actually Jack's or not. Clearly it is Jack's!

    20. Photo cubes you can easily fill with up-to-date pics of all the grandkids.

    21. A photogenic six-pack carrier (and matching beer labels) in case you've picked up home brewing and want to deliver a custom holiday shipment to your bud.

    22. A personalized growth chart to hang on the wall and take with them when they move (instead of having to repaint over the lost marks)!

    23. Large-format prints of you two standing on top of a mountain on that hike you went on the other weekend so you can celebrate those special moments you share together!

    24. Framed lyrics and a photo that'd make an amazing gift for the new married couple in your life. Just saying.

    25. Printed golf balls to help eliminate any argument about whose ball is whose. Or can provide a sporty outlet for aggression with their arch nemesis's face printed on them. I am 51% kidding.

    26. Magnetic collage frames for bringing some order to a fridge jumbled with pics. OR you can include some prints for a free-filled photo gift!

    27. Or a heart snapshot collage so you can make sure that BEYOND A DOUBT everyone is represented in grandma's gift this year.

    28. A wine bottle label for the resident super hero who also enjoys a lil' vino.

    29. A "watercolor" print of their new home (or just about anything else) created from a photo that'll look *so nice* hanging up in their home.

    30. A mini metallic photo light box where they can park their fave instant pic of the moment at their desk as a welcome distraction.

    31. Or a light box if you want to do the decision-making for them when it comes to the pic worthy of display.

    32. Marble coasters you can add captions to because they grow up so fast and who can keep track of how many months and days they are?!?!?!

    33. An ~official~ size hockey puck your star player will make good use of on the ice.

    34. Personalized travel wall art to commemorate all the far-flung locales they've visited. (Psst, you can grab pics from their Facebook or Instagram feed!)

    35. Custom s'mores kits with printed marshmallows that'll turn gathering around a fire pit into a delicious party.

    36. A metal bookmark can hold your spot while you spend some time with the protagonist of your bookmark.

    37. A photo slate to commit your memories to rock. A flat rock. That also just happens to be photogenic!

    38. A very good garden flag to advertise which very good pupper lives here.

    39. A curved glass print — it would just look SO GOOD on their desk.

    40. A pair of precious ornaments to help fill out the tree with your fave kids.

    41. A lovey dovey photo collage in case you can't narrow down your fave pic of the couple to just one. Or two. Or five.

    42. A stately piece of wall art that'll let 'em show off a little local pride.

    43. And a colorful soft-cover book as a step-up from the peel-and-stick photo album pages of yore.

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