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    35 Home Products Reviewers Say They’d Buy Again

    Once you spend a night with these pillows that feel like ones from a 5-star hotel, you'll commit to them.

    1. A reusable roller dog hair remover might just have you toss your old sticky roller after you see how much fur this reusable one (it has a sturdy brush system) picks up on surfaces you thought were just going to be covered in fur forever.

    GIF of reviewer using the chom chom roller to remove fur from a couch
    reviewer image of a chom chom roller open to reveal all the collected pet hair inside

    Promising review: "This tool is great for removing cat hair. We use it every day especially on the furniture. Easy to use. We would buy it again." —J Orndorff

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95

    2. A pair of down-alternative cooling pillows that'll feel super luxurious without the matching price tag. Trust me — I sleep on these and preach about them. 

    Promising review: "I have searched high and low for the perfect pillow. All the new memory foam or bamboo pillows were usually too hard or too high and would hurt my neck. These pillows were perfect and just what I was looking for. I would definitely buy these again." —Sylvia L. Williams

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $49.99.

    3. A charging station with six USB ports to bring some order to that spot on the kitchen counter where everyone in the fam parks their devices for charging. 

    Promising review: "Love this charging station. We had so many cords everywhere and it just looked terrible. Now everything has its place and the short cords look so much better! Charges good, maybe slower than my longer cord, but its worth the aesthetic. I love the blue light that turns off when your device is fully charged, its nice to know at a glance.

    The unit itself is smaller than i expected but the listed dimensions are correct. I do like the size, when no devices are charging it looks nice and clean.

    Love it, would buy again, would buy for others as gifts." —Jen

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    4. A set of reusable microfiber mop pads (that work with the Swiffer you already own) because WOW those disposable ones seem to disappear like magic in your home. No more running out in your time of need. 

    the pad on a reviewer's swiffer
    a different reviewer's mop pad covered in dust

    They can be used wet or dry and on basically every type of flooring and even drywall if you're so inclined. Since they can be thrown in the wash, one microfiber pad can replace up 100 single-use pads. 

    Promising review: "Just used these for the first time with my Swiffer WetJet and I gotta say I am impressed! Went on easily and cleaned the floors easily! I always hated the one-time use pads and never felt like they got my floor clean. This review is NOT sponsored, I bought these with my own money because I’m sick of single-use products. Seriously, buy these now!!!" —AKGross

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $10.94

    5. A 10-pack of ultra-absorbent Swedish dishcloths because your family can go through an endless supply of two-ply paper towels. No more! 

    The cellulose and cotton cloths are soft when wet and slightly abrasive when dry so you can even use them to scrub down particularly stuck-on messes. 

    Promising review: "My daughter turned me on to Swedish dishcloths a few years back and I will continue to use them over a sponge or cotton dishcloth for most of my household cleaning. This pack is a bargain and comes in many color/style choices. They arrived on time with a personal note thanking me for supporting a small female owned business. These absorb water easily, do a cleaning job efficiently, and you toss them in the washer when done to be used again and again. Love them and will buy them again." —ann

    Get a pack of 10 from Amazon for $20.48 (available in nine colors). 

    6. An under-cabinet lid opener will help pop open that jar of pasta sauce in a jiffy. Everyone can use this, but reviewers with limited dexterity especially find it helpful!

    The underside of a reviewer's cabinet, showing the lid opener installed out of site
    Reviewer using the opener to open a jar of sauce with just the palm of their hand

    Promising review: "Works exactly as it says it does. I have small hands and trouble gripping things. This makes opening jars extremely easy and it opens in seconds just by twisting the jar counterclockwise. I'm so glad I ordered 2 so I can give 1 to a family member who has trouble with opening jars as well. I would definitely buy this again!" —H.T.

    Get it from Amazon for $23.47.

    7. A three-outlet power strip can make it easier to plug up stuff behind your couch or other furniture. Congrats on getting back those couple of inches of floor space!

    A customer review before and after photo of their cords neatly fitting in a tight spot thanks to the power strip
    A customer review photo of an outlet using the power strip

    Promising review: "It looks and fits perfectly for what I needed. Had to rotate the outlet to run it straight up the wall for my set up. Used it with a cover to to hide the wires. Other then that it was a simple plug and play. Fit flush with the wall and nice and tight in to the socket. I definitely would buy again." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95+ (available in three sizes and with or without surge).

    8. A pumice stone to help scrub away some unsightly stains that you thought made your toilet a total GONER. 

    The pumice stone with a handle
    A before and after pic showing the pumice stone removed hard water stains from the toilet bowl

    Promising review: "While this product did not remove the super calcified areas on the toilet bowl, all the rust stains disappeared within SECONDS. I inherited an office that had not been used in years, and was hooked up to well water. I thought I would have to replace the toilet, but I just scrubbed it with this stone and it is good as new! Would buy this again and again!" —Alyson Donovan

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (also available in multi-packs).

    9. A crab spoon rest that'll lend you a claw when you don't wanna keep your spoon in your stew as it cooks, but you also don't want to rest it on your counter where you'll have to clean up afterward. We love a useful, fun kitchen tool!

    Promising review: "This was a perfect funny yet useable white elephant gift!! Would buy again!" —Krista

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95

    10. A jar of The Pink Stuff — a cleaning paste made to handle all kinds of gross, stuck-on situations like that bathroom floor grout you came to terms with being dirty gray forever. 

    Promising review: "Amazing. This grout has been disgusting for years and I haven't had any luck with any other cleaners to get it clean again. I'm amazed at how easy Pink Stuff worked. I just used a scrub brush and very little elbow grease." —Lauren

    "I cleaned the outside of a oven that had grease splatter and build up. The pink did all the work. 10 out of 10 I will buy again." —msnez

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    11. A Baseboard Buddy, which is really just fancy talk for a 4-foot extendable pole that makes cleaning molding, ceiling fans, grates, and, yes, baseboards easy without grabbing a ladder or making your knees sore. 

    a reviewer showing a dirty baseboard buddy pad
    a before and after of a reviewer's once dusty baseboards

    The kit comes with one Baseboard Buddy and three reusable pads which can be used wet or dry. 

    Promising review: "After reading some of the reviews I was skeptical about this product. It came in today and works great!!! My baseboards are clean, it's good for door frames also, and even cleaned the AC vent too! Easy to use, easy to put together. Would buy again!" —Nurseanna

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99

    12. Wood polish and conditioner that'll help revive all those worn-out wood surfaces. Don't replace those kitchen cabinets or floors! Give 'em a facelift with this.

    the bottle of polish
    reviewer pic of half the floor worn out, half the floor looking moisturized and good

    Enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain on finished *and* unfinished wood. For use on antiques, dining tables, kitchen cabinets, wood doors and trim, etc.

    Promising review: "Love this stuff!!! Just wish it had come in bigger size for the price. Used it to polish an old antique bedroom set from my parents. The difference is like night and day! Wish I had taken pictures. I could practically hear the bureaus say 'AHHH.' I also used it to condition the top of a kitchen cart that was very dry. Will definitely buy again!!!!" —K. L. Satagaj

    Get it from Amazon for $8.47.

    13. Stain-lifting pads can tackle the icky pet stains on your wall-to-wall beige carpeting from when your poor dog didn't want to go use the bathroom outside when it was storming.