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    23 Pieces Of Home Decor That'll Say "Welcome, Foolish Mortals"

    Please step into my well-decorated lair.

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    1. A gorgeous coffee table book about cemeteries – to other people that description may sound contradictory, but YOU know it's not.

    2. A tea kettle in the most perfect matte black that won't have you summoning demons when you pick it up without an oven mitt.

    3. A feline skeleton candle that'll start off all sweet but then reveal its true self as it melts.

    4. A death head plaque you'll mourn the loss of if you don't snap it up right this second.

    5. A black peacock chair so you can once and for all feel like Morticia Addams, even if your home doesn't have a mansard roof.

    6. Or a black ghost chair you won't trip over like I do all the time with my clear one.

    7. A tarot card tapestry that looks sorta eerie but is meant to be inspirational so you can keep it *positive* (but it also fulfills your dark decorating tendencies).

    8. A coffee mug you can offer up next time your friends stop over for a Poe book club meeting.

    9. A quartz-filled candle because if you aren't into the idea of a black candle, why are you even reading this?

    10. Some XL matches that'll have your preferred amount of color (just a dab here and there).

    11. A planchette hand soap to help summon the demons of cleanliness to deal with your bathroom filth.

    12. Or some anatomically correct soaps to show your love for anything that errs on the creepy side.

    13. Stackable dinnerware in dark gray or white that'll help set the ~mood~ even if you have to act like you're not a dark soul when your parents come over for dinner Tuesday night.

    14. A woven blanket featuring you and your crew on any given Saturday night that you can cuddle up in every other night of the week.

    15. Black bath towels to help suck up the natural light AND hide any mascara stains.

    16. A spoon rest because when I go you can just say "Rest in Grease, Elizabeth. Rest. In. Grease."

    17. Handsome push pins for lending some necklace storage help.

    18. And a familiar-looking jewelry stand to catch the rest of your baubles.

    19. Tombstone garden markers that'll keep your edibles on theme.

    20. A bloody bath mat as a reminder to clean up after all your messes.

    21. A bloody shower curtain because if someone can't stand you at your Psycho shower curtain, do they even deserve your hospitality?

    22. Macabre tumblers just begging to be filled with your specialty, Corpse Reviver No. 2s.

    23. And a regal sign that is the name of this list and I hope by now you've realized is from Disney's Haunted Mansion ride.

    You enjoying your digs:

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