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    39 Super Handy Things To Buy This Fall That You’ll Appreciate For Seasons To Come

    You'll especially be grateful for the curved shower curtain rod while you're all jumpy in the shower after your Psycho rewatch.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bottle of non-toxic Folex Carpet Spot Remover can make all sorts of horrific stains disappear quickly (including PSL!). *And* there's no rinsing or vacuuming involved. 

    To use, apply to the stain, gently agitate with your fingers, and blot with an absorbent cloth. This is nontoxic and should be nonirritating on the skin!

    Promising review: "I had terrible rust and oil stains all over the seats of my car when I bought it. I tried other cleaners to get it out, but they actually made the stains darker. I took it to the dealership to see if they could get it out and they flat out told me no, so I gave up and lived with it for almost five years. I tried this after it was recommended by a friend. I sprayed it on and literally watched the stain run right off my seat. It was amazing! I thought I was going to have to pay hundreds of dollars to replace the seats in my car because nothing else would work. This stuff really is awesome!" —Brittany

    Get it from Amazon for $10.12+.

    2. A jetted tub cleaner you simply run through in a bath cycle and just watch the filth EMERGE from the pipes. Then you simply wipe it away! It'll be equally horrifying and satisfying. Worth it.

    tub with lots of foaming dirt in it
    tub running with clear water

    You run your bath, add the cleaner, watch the gunk emerge, drain your bath, and then clean off the gunk!

    Promising review: "It's disgusting to see what comes out of your jets when you use this product. I can't believe we bathed in this! I've run bleach and dish detergent through my jets before, and that combination never cleaned with this efficiency. I highly recommended this product." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    3. Plus an ~expandable~ bathtub caddy to avoid some library fees for water damage while keeping pace with your book club.

    reviewer pic of the caddy holding wine, a candle, snacks
    the bath caddy

    Promising review: "I got it for my aunt, she loved it so much she got another one for her other bathroom!" —Justine M Hutchinson

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    4. A six-outlet wall charger that'll comfortably fit all the chargers everyone in your household requires for homework, streaming scary movies, whatever. Plus! It has two USB fast-charging ports *and* a night-light.

    Reviewer turning the light on and off the charger with items plugged in
    Charger with several large plugs in it

    Promising review: "Better than any strip! Saw this on TikTok and it’s everything. Love the auto night-light feature. So versatile and compact. Worth every penny. Will be ordering more." —Kelly

    Get it from Amazon for $17.97 (originally $19.97).

    5. A door draft stopper the least handy person in the world could handle installing to prevent cold gusts from coming indoors. Don't make your heating system work harder than it has to! Bc $$$!

    reviewer pic of the draft stopper on the bottom of a door barely noticeable
    close up of the draft stopper on a door

    Promising review: "So easy to set up! All you do is peel tape and adhere to a CLEAN and DRY door. Also looks great, I don't even notice it. I had a huge gap under my door. I could smell and hear everything from the hallway. Smells, drafts, and sound all are less of an issue now." —Brit B.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in four colors).

    6. And a roll of thick foam tape weatherstripping even YOU can handle installing on doors where you can normally feel the fall gusts creeping in. No more!

    reviewer pic of the weatherstripping installed on a door
    reviewer pic of a french door with the weatherstripping but you can't tell

    Promising review: "I just noticed a cold draft coming in from the door between my porch and kitchen. Ordered the 1/2-inch wide, 1/8-inch thick, 50-ft (perfect fit). Super easy, works and looks great! The door is a little more snug to close and needs an extra push, but that's the way it's supposed to be. I have extra weatherstripping for future door projects if needed." —KG in CT

    Get it from Amazon for $11.47+ (available in 14 sizes/lengths).

    7. A reviewer-beloved veggie chopper will make onion tears and food prep mess a thing of the past! This way you won't waste so much energy on *evenly* spiralizing or chopping, a fool's errand! (Jk, but this'll make it way easier.)

    Reviewer putting a potato on a flip top lid cutter and bringing the lid down to chop it into pieces
    Model pressing down on top to cut an onion

    Check out a TikTok of the veggie chopper in action. 

    Promising review: "Makes life so much easier. I can't imagine chopping onions or bell peppers by hand anymore, and it does so much more. We used to have a Prepworks chopper which was a similar idea, but you had to press so hard to chop, and it broke after not too long. This one requires very little effort to cut through the food and it has a generous container." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $29.98.

    8. A container of multi-surface touch up paint for helping cover up all those chips and marks on your painted kitchen cabinets that seem to follow you around the room like one of those portraits where the eyes look straight forward. Talk about a perfect fall project when it's a bit too chilly to be outdoors.

    If you're unsure of what color to get, I highly suggest you use the brand's free color chart tool to help you determine which is the right match for your walls.

    Soto is a small business based that makes paint touch up kits.

    Promising review: "I decided to try this to cover up some of the chips of missing paint in my kitchen. It works perfectly. The bottle is a little bigger than a tube of Wite-Out, but it's going to last me a long time. The paint went on smoothly and dried quickly. I am very happy with this product." —JMar

    Get it from Soto on Amazon for $14.95 (available in 12 colors).

    9. A KitchenIQ sharpener that'll handle dull kitchen knives for change when compared to pricier sharpeners. Don't even think about going at that pumpkin with a dull knife!

    hand holding the kitchen sharpener in front of a cutting board with knives
    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    I own this beaut and it's transformed my hand-me-down kitchen knives. Read our full review of the KitchenIQ sharpener (#4).

    Promising review: "This cheap knife sharpener is great. It works better than my Chef's Choice sharpener. The Chef's Choice worked great for the first year. After that, it wasn't worth much. I figure I can buy three of these for something that lasts more than one year. Great for stocking stuffers at Christmas." —Ruth M.

    Get if from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in four colors).

    10. A boot tray to contain the mess from your family's footwear after trudging through seasonal corn mazes or just raking the leaves in the yard. Then for spring showers a few months down the road!

    the boot tray in an entryway

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    11. And a ~washable~ door mat in fall colors you can park inside before you get to the boot tray so your fam can wipe off their dirty shoes before storing them. And it just looks so nice!

    gray, yellow, and black abstract mat at door

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in two colors and five sizes).

    12. A reusable roller dog hair remover that'll have you toss your old sticky roller after you see how much fur this reusable one (it has a sturdy brush system) picks up off your beloved couch that both you and your dog basically live on.

    GIF of reviewer using the chom chom roller to remove fur from a couch
    reviewer image of a chom chom roller open to reveal all the collected pet hair inside

    Promising review: "I have a golden retriever and the shedding is out of control. My fabric sofa is constantly covered in hair and I finally decided to try this after reading an article about popular TikTok products. The reviews do not lie, this thing works magic!! I wish I had taken a before and after picture because the difference is noticeable. I watched the video tutorial before I tried it to ensure I was using it properly and everything he says is true, you do really have to put your arm to work with vigorous back and forth movement! However, I find it's a great arm workout and it works wonders." —Joanne Ertel

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95

    13. A light switch blocker to keep that weirdly wired light switch that turns your Wi-Fi on and off in the "on" position. This'll def one-up the tape you've been using. 

    A curved blocker screwed into the lightswitch panel with a plastic compontent to stop the switch from going down
    A model bypassing the plastic piece to turn off the light

    Check out a TikTok of the light switch blocker in action. 

    SoCal3D is a California-based Etsy shop established in 2020 that specializes in 3D-printed home goods.  

    Promising review: "I love it when the TikTok algorithm makes me buy something useful! These are perfect. My husband is obsessed with Hue lights so all of our switches are in the on position with tape on them. These are easy to install and way better than tape! Shipped in a couple of days. I was prepared for at least 3 weeks. Will buy again! Thanks!!" —Sara Martin

    Get a two-pack from SoCal3D on Etsy for $4.99

    14. A carpet cleaner will transform all sorts of soft surfaces in your home BESIDES your carpet (though it'll do amazing work there too). Turns out, you don't need to buy a new couch after all. 

    A reviewer's before and after photo of their couch which was once stained and splotched and is now free of marks after using the machine
    A reviewer's photo of a stuffed shark toy which is half dirty and half clean after using the carpet cleaner

    Promising review: "Buy this NOW! My husband and I absolutely love this little thing. We have used it to clean our cars, mattresses, upholstered chairs, area rugs, and our couch. It works great and is so convenient for almost everything. Easy to clean, easy to move. I did use this on our carpet to compare to my larger carpet cleaner and it did NOT clean as well as my larger cleaner did. It is excellent for spot cleaning, though." —Marianne R. Fezza

    Get it from Amazon for $109.59.

    15. A rechargeable lighter for *safely* lighting your various candle babies without worrying about lighter fluid or a flimsy match.

    gif of using lighter to light a candle
    the lighter
    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    I bought one of these about a year and a half ago and have only had to charge it a few times. (If I'm home and awake, a candle is most likely lit.) It's super easy to use, I feel safer about storing it than a gas lighter, and I no longer have to be on the prowl for bar and restaurant match books to help fuel my candle habit. Plus the lights on the handle make it easy to see when it's time to recharge...which only entails plugging up a USB cord. Easy-peasy!

    Promising review: "This is seriously the coolest device of my winter holiday. It makes lighting candles a breeze. Yes, there is a weird crackling noise, but that's a super minor annoyance. It's a super intuitive device. Plus the lighter with the USB (included), charge for a bit, then pop it open and light ALL THE THINGS; well, candles. I don't know how well it lights cigarettes or whatever. However, for my personal intended use, it's awesome!" —Jee W

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    16. An unassuming wall-mounted broom organizer that'll become your cleaning station with five spots for long-handled tools and six hooks to help corral product bottles.

    reviewer's pic of wall mounted broom organizer with four cleaning tools and four cleaning spray bottles
    closeup of the hooks on the organizer that hold the four cleaning spray bottles

    Promising review: "Perfect! Exactly what I needed to organize my mop, broom, scoop, etc. Efficient and easy to use. A little hard to get my scoop into it but that’s cause it’s thicker than the rest of items. Love that there are hooks. Spray bottles and cleaning product bottles hang perfectly on there too." —Kavita Chandanie

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    17. toilet wand cleaning system with removable heads so you'll stop regretting your decision to potty train your cats.

    Includes a wand, storage caddy, and six disinfecting wand head refills.

    Promising review: "So, we have a toilet that belongs to the cats. We don't use it, we don't look at it, we like to pretend it does not exist. Even with semi-regular flushing, cat waste is pretty nasty stuff and built up quickly in the bowl. One of these wands cleaned it up in a single session! Before and after pic attached." —Whitney

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    18. A makeup brush cleanser because you and I both know you're not washing your beauty tools as frequently as you should. (Same.) Now is the perfect time to start since you've started thinking about your Halloween makeup look. 

    Promising review: "This cleanser is great! It fully removes all makeup from the brushes without leaving them feeling beat up (I'm not the most gentle when it comes to cleaning brushes). I use a thick foundation that soaks heavily into the bristles, but this removed it all. At first I thought it was a bit thin, but after using it, a little bit goes a long way. It has a nice lather, but very nicely and easily rinses out." —Kryssy

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    19. A jar of the The Pink Stuff — a cleaning paste made to handle all kinds of sticky, stuck-on situations like this nasty-looking kitchen faucet. 

    Promising review: "I need this in bulk!! I have tried so many cleaning solutions to get out hard cooking stains on my stovetop and nothing worked! This stuff took it right out without a problem!!" —Micaela Gunderson

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    20. A electric air fryer with tons of onion rings and other scrumptious possibilities that'll have you looking at every piece of food you have in the house differently.

    the air fryer on a countertop
    A plate of crispy fritters fresh out of the air fryer.

    Promising review: "My husband surprised me with this fryer cause he said it was the deal of the day and couldn't pass up. I was hesitant at first because it is a very large piece of equipment and we have limited counter space. But once I started using this I couldn't stop! I love it so much! It really does get things crispy! I have cooked chicken wings, tacos, zucchini fries, bacon, and more in it and everything comes out great! You do have to play around with the temp and timing of stuff but once you get the hang of it it's easy peasy! The digital buttons make it easy and it's nice to have different options instead of just off/on like some fryers. And it actually isn't too heavy so I can move it on and off my counter easy too. I think it's a great way to crisp food without turning on my hot oven in the summer! Would definitely recommend!" —WillMatic84

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99+ (available in three sizes and four colors).