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    16 Sex Toys You Should *TREAT* Yourself To Just In Time For Halloween

    OK, not everything is *officially* Halloween-themed, but these'll put you in the right mood.

    1. A Dracula dildo with with real-feel skin for a NosferaDO ME.

    2. And a Frankenstein dildo from the same line including a stitched-together surface and bolts that’ll be like the best parts of your past bfs put together to serve you.

    3. An Alien male masturbator for all kinds of solo space adventures.

    4. A smiling, vibrating jack ready to show you how he earned his name.

    5. And a matching vibrating ghost ring that'll make it feel like you're having an out-of-body experience.

    6. An 3D-printed vampire licker dildo just may make you feel like you’re back from the dead.

    7. A jack-o’-lantern ball gag to bring a whole other level to your everything-pumpkin-flavor obsession.

    8. A hand-painted zombie dildo to infect you with all kinds of orgasms you can’t shake off.

    9. A sweet silicone dildo that’ll satisfy folks who’ve previously sworn off the fall candy aisle staple.

    10. A handmade tentacle dildo with so many wonderful details that putting it to good use won’t be a reach.

    11. An Alien dildo will help create all kinds of bursts. Just no chest bursting, ok?!

    12. And a double dildo — it may have you acting like you’re in space where no one can hear you scream.

    13. A glow-in-the-dark butt plug worthy of some otherworldly pleasure.

    14. A creepy as shit fleshlight with some kind of weird mouth thing that you could make fit into a variety of scenarios.

    15. A silicone paddle that’ll have you yearning for the little death.

    16. And a Marilyn Manson doppelgänger with a fancy carrying pouch and sucker base. After all, he is the God of Fuck.

    17. So uh, dick or treat?!

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