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    31 Gifts For The Clumsiest Person You Know

    With them, every bump and bruise has a new exciting story.

    1. A red wine stain remover to help them finally remove that cabernet stain from the faux-fur blanket you gave them last year.

    2. Oven-rack shields because you can't let another meal prep sesh get foiled by them bumping their wrist into a scorching oven rack. Eight times was enough.

    3. Or a notched oven tool that'll pull out racks and push in dishes.

    4. A heat-resistant glove to help prevent painful burns when they bump a finger up against that curling rod they almost have the hang of using.

    5. A silicone-wrapped lunch bowl so tasteful looking you could almost die (plz don't). This'll help them cart their leftovers to work without causing a mess in their bag or ruining a perfectly good glass food-storage container.

    6. A glass water bottle with a silicone sleeve in a variety of colors so they can stay well-hydrated without worrying about bumping their water bottle

    7. A genius splatter guard that'll turn frying bacon into a painless task. Get outta here, grease!

    8. A box of 50 versatile bandages designed to wrap around their boo boos and stay put.

    9. Or skin-tone bandages that'll actually match their skin tone. Whyyyyy are these just now a thing?!

    10. A bottle of bruise cream for the friend who always manages to bump into things that aren't even in their path. You owe it to them to buy it so they'll stop having to explain all their bumps to everyone in their life. Lots of reviewers use it for recovery from car wrecks and surgery, so everyday mishaps should be no biggie.

    11. A wearable nail-polish holder to help avoid spills and smudges, even if you're painting your nails in the car while someone else is driving.

    12. Or a bottle holder — it can rest on a flat surface and allow you to even tilt your bottle to get the last dregs of that limited-edition color.

    13. Wine sippy cups that'll save them some dignity when you're all drinking out of these as a group, obviously not because the last time they were over they spilled red wine all over your couch.

    14. A travel mug with an auto seal because they've run out of people to sue for spilling hot coffee all over themselves.

    15. A bold doormat that'll remind them to *properly* wipe off their shoes and help prevent indoor slips! Plus, it has a non-slip backing on it!

    16. Anti-slip stair stickers befitting the #1 pup who still hasn't gotten the hang of gracefully descending the stairs. But the v good boy still tries like the lil' pup that could.

    17. Anti-skid socks for when they want to venture across slippery hardwood floors to the fridge without risking a fall.

    18. And some no-skid house slippers in case they want something a little more substantial on their footsies while scooting around the house.

    19. A gift card for reading glasses, blue light–blocking glasses, sunglasses, or just regular prescription eyeglasses bc they shouldn't be walking around with those cracked lenses. It's unbecoming!

    20. Or at the very least, a heavy-duty glasses case to better protect their eyewear. Now they'll just have to remember to use it.

    21. A funny oven mitt they'll remember to use because it's so cute!

    22. A ~groovy~ multipurpose grabber for heat-safe leverage when it comes to hot pans, microwaved dishes, hot hair tools, and so many other things around the house.

    23. A water-resistant laptop case as a swap for their coffee-drenched one after one too many morning-bev accidents.

    24. A two-pack of ~useful~ Scotchgard so you can gift one to that friend and hang onto one for spill-proofing your home before they drop by for a visit.

    25. A PopSocket to facilitate a better grip when taking selfies, texting while walking, and other phone-y activities that can be perilous to that mini computer they depend on to organizer their life.

    26. A waterproof case that'll withstand all sorts of extreme behavior, like toppling off a ski lift, falling into a white water rapid, or swiping on dating apps while on the toilet.

    27. A drawstring makeup pouch so they won't slip and fall on a rolling mascara tube, which is the new banana peel. Haven't you heard?!

    28. A *weighted* mini cord organizer for preventing a flipped computer monitor while in pursuit of a phone charger.

    29. Or some cable clips as a useful stocking stuffer for anyone who always has a tangle of wires they're working with.

    30. A ~bright~ power strip ready to twist in an out-of-the-way angle. It's all about preventing accidents before they can happen!

    31. Cut-resistant gloves because nothing can throw a wrench in dinner plans like spurting blood. That Monty Python joke won't by funny if they end up in the ER because of an injury.

    We're all just trying our best!

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