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    41 Pairs Of Flats That'll Make You Want To Swear Off Heels Forever

    Shoes, shoes, shoes, omg shoes.

    1. Checkered mules to bait all kinds of compliments.

    2. Vegan slides that'll look so fancy, no one'll realize they're flats.

    3. Velvet gems worthy of wearing to your fawnciest events.

    4. Woven masterpieces passersby might assume came from that boutique that just set up shop in your neighborhood. Haven't you heard? It's called Tar-jay.

    5. Juicy slingbacks for having everyone else in the room like 🤤.

    6. Extra AF sandals with lots of bells and whistles to keep it interesting.

    7. Gucci loafers you'll wear a million times, which will make the cost seem totally reasonable! (Oh the things we tell ourselves.)

    8. Glitzy straps as a lazy way to glam up your look.

    9. Comfy sandals that are super interesting with lots o' straps and so many colorways that you'll invest in multiple pairs.

    10. Cutout oxfords for a glimpse of skin without having to do math to figure out the last time you had a pedicure.

    11. Feathery mules to nab some Cher Horowitz style without a Beverly Hills budget.

    12. Marble sneakers you'll have to store in a safe place away from the coolest dad you know.

    13. Effortless espadrilles to give you that lazy-but-miraculously-pulled-together look with cuffed jeans.

    14. Bowtiful slides to bring the party to your feet.

    15. Holographic sneaks — they may help you earn some cred with sneakerheads. And if they don't, who cares? They're lovely.

    16. Disney gems for some serious Insta style while satisfying your princess tendencies.

    17. Galaxy footwear you'll wanna live in during festival season — and they're so cheap it'll be NBD if you have to trash them post-Coachella.

    18. Magical rainbows for adding some color to your monotone look.

    19. Heart wraps that'll ensnare you with their love.

    20. Adorable kitties that won't leave your poor feet in scrapes and scratches.

    21. Festive pool shoes you can wear to lots of dry places too.

    22. Sequined flowers as a glam attempt to look outdoorsy.

    23. Moody pineapples to drive home your summer goth look.

    24. Lobstah sandals fit for all kinds of summer lovin'.

    25. Floral lookers you'll fall for but not in over and over and over again.

    26. Embellished slip-ons as a glitzy option you can get down in.

    27. Fiery bows that no one'll dare call sweet.

    28. Laser-cut dreams that look pretty *and* provide some air flow.

    29. Refreshing pineapples for brining the vacation to your ensemble, even if you're trapped in the concrete jungle for the time being.

    30. Snazzy picks worthy of a date with the dance floor.

    31. Wide fits for dazzling all night. (I'm not going to tell you what your bridesmaids should wear, but look at them!)

    32. Espadrille water shoes you can wear at the beach without compromising your personal style.

    33. Sequin sliders with enough pizzazz for days when your old dogs are tired and howling in pain at the mere glimpse of a heel.

    34. Pretty lace-ups to wear with most everything you own.

    35. Bold bananas as the easiest way ever to get your daily recommended fruit intake.

    36. Katy Perry slides to keep it comfy but flashy.

    37. Double tassels for double the eye-catching trim!

    38. Beary cute pandas as a comfy option to wear to a white party to kick off summer.

    39. Silver slingbacks you know Zenon would probably wear to a business casual office. (And so should you.)

    40. Embellished sandals that'll have you saying "Put me back in my cage!"

    41. Ballet flats decked out in bows, faux pearls, and all the classic ladylike style you can stand.

    "I think you have too many shoes." "SHUT UP."

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