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23 Dark AF Bathroom Products To Match Your Soul

Whatever you do, don't look in the mirror.

1. A set of flameless LED candles to cast an eerie seance-like glow.

2. A shower curtain with a sketchy person who apparently showers wearing clothes?!?!!?

3. And a shower curtain with the after effects of the dangerous business of showering in your clothes.

4. A helping hand who can hold onto your rings while you wash your hands.

5. Black bath towels to help suck up the natural light AND hide any mascara stains.

6. A ~colorful~ bath bomb so you can put your mind at ease.

7. A toilet buddy in case you need a bathroom companion.

8. A coffin bath caddy as a spot to park all your soak essentials, like a bleeding candle, red "wine," a scary read, and the like.

9. A pair of red LED bulbs to transform a wash room into a water closet of doom.

10. A skeletal bathroom attendant who just wants to lend a bony hand.

11. And a roll of bloody toilet paper for when your mother-in-law comes to visit. (That's how those jokes work, right?)

12. A sinister shower curtain with some fellas who look like they wanna go all medieval on your ass.

13. An unassuming bar of soap that'll make people think you slipped them something.

14. A trio of creepers you can nestle on a window ledge or towel shelf to light your path to the toilet.

15. A door cover with an undead gentleman who's just asking for some damn privacy.

16. A palatable soap and dead-on soap dish.

17. A temporary toilet tat to deter folks from using your porcelain throne.

18. A bathroom door sticker that proves we're all equal, jumbled masses of flesh anyway so everyone's welcome in here — even if you're missing your head.

19. A white bath mat with stains that won't come out in the wash like every other white thing in your bathroom that you bleach.

20. A floral shower curtain that's anything but Laura Ashley.

21. A bird skull cabinet pull for some afterlife aviary help on your bathroom vanity.

22. A toilet brush set as a reminder that it's only through death we can escape cleaning.

23. A toilet sticker that's going to scar your kids for life.

Now fighting for the bathroom will become a whole other level.