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    44 Cute Pieces Of Clothing That’ll Pack Well For A Trip

    There's tons of stuff in here that'll work well with the 333 packing method.

    1. A two-piece tank top and shorts set sure to ruffle some feathers — in the right way. It'll feel all nice and airy like when you wear your fave linen sundress. Except you won't have to worry about flashing anyone when a breeze sweeps through. Win-win if ya ask me. 

    Woman in a casual orange romper smiles on a boat with rocky landscape in background
    Woman in a ruffled v-neck top and drawstring shorts, posing with hand on hip

    Promising review: "I got so many compliments when wearing this set on vacation in Hawaii! The top is very comfortable and cropped at just the right length. The shorts were a little see through, but for the price they were very comfortable." —Courtney Smith

    Get it from Amazon for $32.99 (available in sizes XS–XL and in 13 colors/patterns). 

    2. A satin two-piece set that'll make you wanna book a trip just so you have somewhere to wear it. (Though you should totally wear it at home, too!)  

    Woman in a chic, halter-neck green crop top with matching skirt, ideal for summer fashion

    Promising review: "Would buy in every color! This set is absolutely perfect!! It is the most comfortable fit around the waist and the top is so good!!! Really should have steamed it for my vacation, but it's still gorgeous!" —Erica N.

    Get it from Amazon for $46.99 (available in sizes S–XXL and 11 colors).

    3. An *very popular* off-the-shoulder jumpsuit suited for just about any sightseeing needs. 

    reviewer wearing the black jumpsuit while standing in front of mountain scenery
    reviewer wearing the red jumpsuit while standing on a pier

    FYI, if you have Amazon Prime, you can give this a spin before you buy it!

    Promising reviews: "This jumpsuit is cute and comfortable. I love it. It is very comfortable to wear on a road trip or for flying." —B-More Mom & Luvin' It

    Get it from Amazon for $28.78+ (available in sizes S–3X and 31 colors/patterns). 

    4. A floral mini dress if you've gotta look really cute, really fast. Picture it: Sicily, 2024. A BuzzFeed Shopping reader poses in front of a picturesque sunset on a The White Lotus–inspired summer vacation. Just stay away from anyone named Quentin. 

    reviewer wearing dark blue and white patterned dress
    reviewer wearing pink dress with denim jacket over

    Promising review: "I will be buying this dress again in different colors! This dress was so pretty and good quality too. Have worn it serval times and received tons of compliments! You can dress up with heels or dress down with sneakers. Such a great summer/springtime dress!" —Danielle Sharp Furlow

    Get it from Amazon for $35.09+ (available in 16 colors and sizes S–XL).

    5. Some paper bag belted pants as a comfy option that'll work not only for travel days but also for when you make it out to appertivos.  

    Woman in a green cardigan, black top, and black trousers, smiling with hand in hair. Ideal for a casual style article
    Woman taking a mirror selfie, wearing a black top and tied-waist trousers, possibly for a casual style feature

    Promising review: "I wore them for five hours of travel plus lots of movement, and they were great. I thought they looked reasonably polished with a tucked-in blouse and a cardigan. I don't need them in different colors, but if I did, I'd buy another pair." —Amy

    Get them from Amazon for $29.99 (available in sizes 16–24 and six prints, also in two-pair sets).

    6. But if pants are out of the question, a pair of high-waisted trouser shorts in case you're cosplaying as someone from The Talented Mr. Ripley while in a race against the clock and scoops of quickly melting gelato. 

    model wearing grey high waisted shorts
    model wearing shorts in olive
    Old Navy

    Promising review: "Amazing fit and price! Such a great transitional piece for season-round outfits." —anonymous

    Get them from Old Navy for $22 (originally $34.99; available in five colors and sizes XS–4X). 

    7. A colorful shirt-and-shorts set that'll compete with the gorgeous backdrops in all your travel pics. It's also prime to mix and match with other stuff in your suitcase!

    Woman in vibrant tropical print outfit with shorts and sunglasses, standing by a coastal backdrop for a style feature
    Etsy / Ashley Carol Boutique

    Ashley Carol Boutique is an Ireland-based shop selling women's clothing.

    Get them from Ashley Carol Boutique on Etsy for $92.33 (available in size XL–XXL).

    8. striped set you can mix and match with other items to *look* like you're maintaining your cool composure — even if you're in the middle of traveling with a group of people you've decided you'll never travel with again. 

    Reviewer in oversize button up blue and white striped top with matching high waist elastic shorts
    Reviewer in pink and yellow white striped colorblock version of the set

    Promising review: "I bought this for vacation but also just a cute summer set, and I love it! The shorts fit great, and the top is oversized just like I wanted. I wore it with a white cropped shirt and kept the top unbuttoned." —Jessica

    Get it from Amazon for $36.99 (available in sizes S–XL and 23 styles). 

    9. A slouchy top and pants set that'll look SO chic as you eat your body weight in egg tarts during a three-day stint in Lisbon. (Did I just predict my own future? Likely!) 

    reviewer wearing green set
    reviewer wearing white set

    P.S. the seller doesn't recommend sizing up for an oversized look because of the loose and stretchy material. 

    Promising review: "This set fits so well! The material is nice and light so good for any season. The pants are long, you could do heels or flats and they wouldn’t look like high waters. I could have done a large but got it in an XL to be safe. I do recommend." —Sharonda Shaw

    Get it from Amazon for $40.99 (available in sizes S–XXL and 32 colors). 

    10. A pair of high-waisted palazzo pants to also give your legs a vacation from constricting jeans and pants. Plus! Reviewers say they're quire wrinkle-resistant. 

    Person wearing wide-leg green pants and sandals, standing with one hand on hip for a casual fashion look
    Wide-legged green pants with pleats, paired with white sandals

    Promising review: "Love these!!! Super flowy, lightweight, and surprisingly well fit. They wash and dry incredibly well, no wrinkles after drying. I’m planning on buying more." —PBMC

    Get them from Amazon for $23.19 (available in sizes S–XXL and in 15 colors/prints). 

    11. six-piece monthly clothing subscription from Nuuly can give you some stylish options if you're feeling meh about your closet's current inhabitants but know you don't need to buy a bunch of new stuff. And if you want to avoid repeating outfits from your last vacation, this'll be much quicker than looking through your camera roll to see what you wore last time. 

    writer in a printed dress in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    writer in another printed dress beside a vintage car
    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    I've been using this subscription for a few years on and off, depending on my plans for the month. And some of my most stylish friends use it on the reg. It's also great for cute maternity style (which my colleague Sally Elshorafa has used it for). In the above left pic I'm wearing a Farm Rio x Anthropologie dress I packed for a March 2.5-week trip to Vietnam and Malaysia. It was much cooler in Vietnam than in Malaysia (I'm in humid Kuala Lumpur here), and the number of pieces gave me some flexibility to dress for the two climates. And I again used the service for a New Year's Havana trip where, yes, I took a convertible car tour in *another* Farm Rio dress. You can pay to keep the discounted pieces at the end of the period, but for what you send back, you don't even have to launder — which is incredibly convenient when dumping out your suitcase back at home. Out of the six pieces, there's normally one piece that doesn't fit as I expected, but that ratio is still pretty favorable IMO. And! Nuuly recently launched a Rent for Travel section to make it even easier on you. 

    Get 6 pieces for a month from Nuuly for $98.

    12. A two-pack of beach wraps to help you style your beloved bikini you bought who-knows-when in between dips in the ocean. 

    reviewer wearing the black sarong
    another reviewer wearing the white wrap

    Promising review: "I am super happy with this cute wrap. I wore it over a bikini to a yoga party. Was comfortable, tied easily and stayed put. The black fit just the same." —MCK

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in 28 color combinations).