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    21 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Decorate Your Ceiling

    Stop neglecting the fifth wall.

    2. Feel like a princess — minus the evil witch who has a vendetta against your 'rents and weird patriarchal shit — with a mosquito net canopy.

    3. Or transform a flat sheet that *speaks* to you into a DIY canopy.

    4. Straight up paint it the same color as your walls for some ~drama~.

    5. Or highlight some intricate trim — or fake it with some painter's tape — with a fresh paint job.

    7. Or go a lazier route and stick on some polka-dot decals for a still-cool-AF effect without having to line up everything perfectly.

    8. Pin up scarves to hide an unsightly ceiling finish. (Popcorn ceilings, amirite?!)

    9. Stick on some ~classic~ glow-in-the-dark stars.

    10. Or alternatively, opt for some dome 3D stars because the future is now, sheeple.

    11. Hang a chandelier to instantly up your fancy factor.

    12. And add some more pizzazz to a chandelier with a paintable ceiling medallion.

    13. Or perhaps go the easier route with a ceiling medallion decal so you don't have to worry about disturbing an existing light fixture.

    14. Turn on a night light lamp to cast a galactic look and soothe yourself to sleep.

    15. Channel some old-house style by installing handsome tin tile.

    16. Take flight with these colorful paper birds.

    17. Turn a lighting op into an art installation with a show-stopping spider chandelier.

    18. Create a dazzling look with a curtain of string lights that'll make it preeeeetty easy to get the spacing just right.

    19. Drape some gossamer that, tbh, is marketed for weddings, but would look so glam on your cathedral ceilings.

    20. Make visitors double check the weather forecast with this sky decal.

    21. And if you're feeling extra spooky, rig up some faux floating candles for some major Hogwarts great hall vibes.

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