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23 Things That'll Make Your Home So Much Safer For Children

Because they act like they're out to get themselves.

1. Keep top-heavy TVs and furniture in place with anti-tip straps that attach to the wall or other furniture.

2. Prevent door and drawer slams on tiny fingers in all sorts of spots around the house with a foam pinch guard.

3. Postpone your kid's "MasterChef Junior" dreams -- at least awhile -- thanks to stove-knob covers that flip open for when the adults have to cook.

4. Switch up your couch's look with washable pillow covers so worrying about drool and other bodily fluids will be a thing of the past. Perhaps.

5. Skip drilling into your nice kitchen cabinets with these magnetic locks that stick on with tape and will keep cleaning products under lock.

6. Or, guard a variety of cabinets and drawers with a universal-fit cabinet latch that's as easy as tying a knot.

7. Bump proof bath spouts with a whale of a cover that stays put.

8. Cushion sharp edges with spongey tape to keep little ones safe from bumps.

9. And safeguard kids from other parts with these resilient corner protectors that easily stick onto furniture.

10. Stash potentially harmful meds in a combination-lock box small enough to fit in a cabinet that is, of course, secure with a cabinet lock, too.

11. And keep meds in your bag safe with this locking pill box.

12. Avoid the danger of window cords with a motorized curtain rod.

13. Snap on some doorknob locks to prevent speedy tots from exiting the house or going into an off-limits room.

14. Use a baby gate to section off kids, pets from a space without a doorway.

15. Stash razors and pricey toiletries you don't want dumped everywhere in a locking shower caddy.

16. Invest in a sturdy side table so your toddler won't tip over your living room furniture when pulling themselves up for practice walking steps.

17. Put a stop to oy swimming sessions with a toilet lock that'll be easy to maneuver when nature calls.

18. Discourage tampering with a variety of things like microwaves, ovens, trash cans, and drawers thanks to these multi-use latches.

19. Keep plugged-in stuff as is with this streamlined outlet box curious toddlers won't be able to crack.

20. And keep fingers out of vacant outlets with outlet plugs.

21. Deal with spills like a pro by investing in an anti-slip, washable rug.

22. Place books and toys with easy reach in a low bookcase so kids won't be tempted to climb to a lofty shelf in pursuit of their favorite bedtime read.

23. Mount a plug-in sconce where you'd put a table or floor lamp to prevent dangerous tipped-over lighting.

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