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23 Things That'll Make Your Home So Much Safer For Children

Because they act like they're out to get themselves.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Keep top-heavy TVs and furniture in place with anti-tip straps that attach to the wall or other furniture.

Straps are made with sturdy metal parts and come with mounting hardware.

Promising review: "The straps are exactly as described and work great! Extremely easy to install. I did two TVs, one into studs and one into a wooden TV stand. There isn't a price I wouldn't pay to protect my son, so I got the highest-rated straps I could find." β€”Dan

Get a pair from Amazon for $15.99.

2. Prevent door and drawer slams on tiny fingers in all sorts of spots around the house with a foam pinch guard.

Promising review: "I looked everywhere for a safety device to keep my piano lid from falling on my grandson's little fingers. I could not find anything that would not involve damaging the piano's finish and even the one that I did find, at a music supply company, cost about $89. When I came across these pinch guards on Amazon as an 'add-on' item, I thought they might do the job. It worked! The soft foam is flexible and soft, so you can stretch it a little to fit over the edge of the piano lid to hold it in an open position. I tried to pull the lid down, but it stayed secure. SUCCESS! As with all safety devices, nothing is truly kid-proof. I would still keep an eye on him while he plays at the piano, but the lid is not easily going to slam down on his fingers." β€”NTru

Get it from Amazon for $4.56.

3. Postpone your kid's "MasterChef Junior" dreams -- at least awhile -- thanks to stove-knob covers that flip open for when the adults have to cook.,

Promising review: "So far so good, working as intended. We have peace of mind now that our toddler can't switch on the gas." β€”M.K

Get a five-pack from Amazon for $6.99 (available in two colors).

4. Switch up your couch's look with washable pillow covers so worrying about drool and other bodily fluids will be a thing of the past. Perhaps.

Promising review: "Nice design that can be paired well with a variety of colors for year-round decorating. The material is comfortable to rest against. The best part is that they easily zip off and can be thrown in the wash if you spill on your pillows, and then easily reapplied to your pillows. Love the ease for switching up looks without having to go out and buy new pillows." β€”laura

Get a pair from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in four sizes, nine colors).

5. Skip drilling into your nice kitchen cabinets with these magnetic locks that stick on with tape and will keep cleaning products under lock.

Promising review: "I installed them on my toddler's dresser and they work perfectly! They are super easy to install and get the job done. I love that the locking mechanism can be 'turned off' so I can use the drawers normally if I wanted." β€”Sara Wilcox

Get a set of four from Amazon for $19.90.

6. Or, guard a variety of cabinets and drawers with a universal-fit cabinet latch that's as easy as tying a knot.

Promising review: "I needed to secure the handle of an unlocked cabinet to the handle of a locked drawer. They were too far apart for conventional latches, but these worked beautifully. I can easily slip the end out of the plastic anchor to thread it through the handles, and then push the end back through the anchor. I'm so glad I came across them. I had about run out of ideas." β€”Marian the Librarian

Get a five-pack from Amazon for $7.99.

7. Bump proof bath spouts with a whale of a cover that stays put.

The soft rubber cover is BPA-, phthalate-, and PVC-free. The blowhole allows for shower diverter access and the tail hooks easily when not in use.

Promising review: "Like many other 1-year-olds, my daughter gets very excited about bath time! While I love that she enjoys playing in the tub, I do worry about her standing or moving too quickly and hurting herself on the faucet. This spout cover completely solves my problems! It's a rubbery material instead of a hard plastic material like some others. And it's big enough to completely cover my faucet, which has been an issue with other brands." β€”Logan Gentry

Get it from Amazon for $10.40.

8. Cushion sharp edges with spongey tape to keep little ones safe from bumps.

Promising review: "Love this product. I dusted off the edges of the fireplace and put the corners on first. Then added the tape to almost the whole thing, taping top and bottom edges of strip. Once I peeled them off I slowly started sticking it to the stone, making sure the inside corner laid well on the stone edge. Once it fit snug, I pushed and rubbed it in to help tape adhere. Little one is 10 months and has not tried messing with it, but has used it to pull himself up and it is working great. Had just enough for my large fireplace with 15 feet." β€”The_Nut_House

Get 18 feet and four corners from Amazon for $18.65.

9. And safeguard kids from other parts with these resilient corner protectors that easily stick onto furniture.

Promising review: "These are awesome corner guards. Once you stick them on they don't come off! My 1.5-year-old has bumped into them and tried to take them off to no avail. I did clean the area with an alcohol pad before attaching. Love them and would buy them again if needed. It's been over six months and they are still on the table and end tables. ❀️" β€”Amazon_Addict

Get an eight-pack from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in three pack sizes).

10. Stash potentially harmful meds in a combination-lock box small enough to fit in a cabinet that is, of course, secure with a cabinet lock, too.

Promising review: "Works perfectly, holds many medications, bottles, and boxes, and it locks so the kids can't get in. It's sturdy, light, and easy to operate." β€”Jen S

Get it from Amazon for $23.90.

11. And keep meds in your bag safe with this locking pill box.

It may not be a bad idea to gift one of these to each grandparent, or anyone else whom carries pills and visits/watches the kids often.

Promising review: "Finally something big enough to hold my vitamins! I have been looking for a large, one-week pill case to carry in my purse to be able to take my vitamins with me. This one is sturdy and has a built-in locking device so my kids can't get into it accidentally." β€”Lizzy

Get it from Amazon for $5.19+ (available in eight sizes).

12. Avoid the danger of window cords with a motorized curtain rod.

Read more from the Consumer Protection Safety Commission about how window cords can impose a threat on children.

Promising review: "Easy to use and install, looks good, and a great price. A good buy, much cheaper than other motorized curtain rods. Wish it came with more clips/rings." β€”Blue

Get it from Amazon for $99.99+ (available in two sizes).

13. Snap on some doorknob locks to prevent speedy tots from exiting the house or going into an off-limits room.

Promising review: "These work very well for our basement door. Our child is 2 and cannot turn the handle. What I really like about these is they allow for easy turning of the door handle. Some of the harder plastic guards make it difficult to open the door. The guard comes in two pieces and is easy to install. It does not come apart easily, so they must have updated the build since some of the negative reviews have been posted. Either that or their child is superman." β€”Alex W.

Get a pair from Amazon for $7.57.

14. Use a baby gate to section off kids, pets from a space without a doorway.,

Promising review: "I had it assembled and working in less than 10 minutes. It is durable, strong, and fits my door opening perfectly. I have two 5-month-old golden retrievers who destroyed two wooden gates. They can't chew through this gate, nor are they able to knock it down through brut force! I am 100% satisfied." β€”Nancy McMullen

Get ti from Amazon for $32.

15. Stash razors and pricey toiletries you don't want dumped everywhere in a locking shower caddy.

It stays put with commercial-grade suction cups and has holes for drainage, a mirror, and removable shelf.

Promising review: "I live at home with my parents, and I have THREE teenage brothers who don't care if I buy my own stuff, they're going to use it. Schlocker saved my sanity and their lives!" β€”Savvyw

Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

16. Invest in a sturdy side table so your toddler won't tip over your living room furniture when pulling themselves up for practice walking steps.,

Promising review: "The table was easy to assemble and is a lot more sturdy than expected. It is the perfect height for a sofa side table. It is a beautiful table and I am planning on purchasing a few more in the future." β€”Kate's Scrap Yard

Get it from Amazon for $59.99+ (available in two colors).

17. Put a stop to oy swimming sessions with a toilet lock that'll be easy to maneuver when nature calls.

Promising review: ''Just what we need! Baby recently started moving around and he is so curious! This item is very easy to put on and gets the job done without breaking the bank!" β€”King of Ruirui

Get it from Amazon for $5.10.

18. Discourage tampering with a variety of things like microwaves, ovens, trash cans, and drawers thanks to these multi-use latches.,

Promising review: "Finally the perfect solution to our toddler getting in our French door-style fridge constantly and leaving the doors open! We've had one of these on our fridge (horizontally at about eye level for an adult) for a few years now and they have saved our bacon! For something so simple it works SO WELL! These things stick in place and our strong little guy cannot get the door open no matter how hard he pulls, so he stopped trying eventually. It's so easy to open fridge doors with just a gentle pinch of the fingers for my husband and I and I love that you can open it from either side." β€”Kate Mahoney

Get them from Amazon for $7.88.

19. Keep plugged-in stuff as is with this streamlined outlet box curious toddlers won't be able to crack.,

Promising review: "Works perfectly! Keeps my crazy explorer safe! His interest with the cover was very minimal, which is exactly what I wanted." β€”Lisa

Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

20. And keep fingers out of vacant outlets with outlet plugs.

Promising review: "We needed a bunch of these for our office waiting room and they are perfect. Nothing fancy about them, but they work great. The kids that come in don't pay them any mind but even if they did, I don't think they would be able to get them off unless they have VERY strong fingers." β€”michs

Get a pack of 36 for $2.64.

21. Deal with spills like a pro by investing in an anti-slip, washable rug.

Promising review: "This rug is fabulous. I have it in my lake house living room. It's so pretty and durable. The best part is we have three dogs who have occasional pee accidents on the rug. I wash it, hang it to dry, and perfection! Quite the value for the money!" β€”Jam

Get it from Amazon for $22.03+ (available in eight sizes, seven color combos).

22. Place books and toys with easy reach in a low bookcase so kids won't be tempted to climb to a lofty shelf in pursuit of their favorite bedtime read.

Promising review: "I wanted a toy bin for our playroom that would also go with the decor of our house. This was perfect! Has a rustic look to it but is perfect for shoving toys and books on it. It took me about two hours to put it together but only because it was just me. Easy instructions." β€”Jenna

Get it from Amazon for $99+ (also available in white).

23. Mount a plug-in sconce where you'd put a table or floor lamp to prevent dangerous tipped-over lighting.,

Promising review: "Awesome lights that actually look better in person than on pictures. Feels solid and appears to be well made. Took me about 15 minutes to install each one (not hard wired)." β€”sonia

Get it from Amazon for $22.56+ (available in six styles).

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Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.