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    27 Things That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

    Spend now and rake in the savings later!

    1. A trio of reusable food wraps to cut down on waste and prevent having to throw out that fancy slab of cheese because it absorbed the taste of plastic wrap.

    2. A pack of fridge liners for extending the life of those veggies you spent precious time selecting.

    3. A pair of cheap, skinny on-trend sunnies so when models stop wearing them in paparazzo pics in two months it'll be NBD.

    4. A drying rack and bottle of cruelty-free brush shampoo for providing some motivation to properly keep those investment makeup brushes in top-notch condition so you won't have to replace anytime soon!

    5. A comfy camera strap in a floral pattern guaranteed to earn you sooo many compliments while making sure your expensive camera is secure!

    6. A set of 133(!) furniture protectors so scraping furniture legs won't make you have to refinish your floor more often than necessary.

    7. A set of eight rubber succulents (in real pots! with fake dirt!) for total plant killers. They require zero care (houseplants sitting dead in their lil' containers unbeknownst to you for three months isn't something you want to repeat).

    8. An adjustable measuring cup built to release alllll the sticky stuff your recipes requires, aka no more wasted honey stuck to the bottom of your regular measuring cups!

    9. A dryer lint trap brush for getting every last spec of built-up lint out of that dark cavity from a winter full of drying all kinds of cozy clothes.

    10. A six-pack of filters because your furnace has been working overtime and it's time to make a swap so it continues to run efficiently. And then you'll have multiples at the ready next time you're due for a swap!

    11. A bluetooth receiver to cheaply upgrade your car and pull triple duty by allowing you to *safely* talk while driving, navigate with GPS, and stream music.

    12. A salad lunchbox kit that's the price of a not-that-fancy salad to keep your toppings nice and crisp, even if you meal prep the night before!

    13. A cast-iron pan scraper that won't compromise your seasoning or finish and will be so much cheaper than replacing your kitchen go-to.

    14. And while you're spiffing up stuff in the kitchen, a can of Bar Keepers Friend for reviving the look of everything from pots and pans to marble sinks to scummy glass shower doors.

    15. A guide book for hosting your own paint party, lest you let another unused Groupon for a wine painting event expire.

    16. A lemon saver that'll be be endlessly useful if you squeeze fresh lemon juice into water or on salads on the reg.

    17. A fruit bowl with a hook for bananas — which can make other fruit ripen faster when touching!

    18. A reusable grocery bag and produce bag compact enough to fit in your purse for impromptu food runs.

    19. A can of spray paint to revive your outdoor furniture before you start clocking in a bunch of time on those gliders you bought a few years back.

    20. A UV protectant spray for keeping your car's leather interior looking pristine OR to halt fading on your custom Nightmare Before Christmas spare tire cover.

    21. A microwave air popper and jug of popcorn kernels that'll keep your family set for awhile when it comes to your fave Netflix snack.

    22. A trio of toothpaste squeezers so the whole family can use every last drop of the stuff.

    23. A countertop painting kit that'll hide your tired laminate surface for substantially less than a new countertop!!!

    24. A handheld milk frother to help perfect those Insta-perfect doses of caffeine at home, rather than use precious gas to drive to a coffee shop and wait in line for a picturesque drink you're going to gulp down anyway.

    25. A four-pack of stainless-steel straws so you can cut down on waste and replace your monthly purchase of disposable drinking straws you swear by for your homemade iced coffee.

    26. A headphone-wrap keychain that'll keep two of your everyday essentials in one spot so you won't have to call a locksmith or buy a spare pair of headphones while you're out and about on the town!

    27. A simple tracker for recording whether someone already fed the v good doggo who's giving you major puppy dog eyes. That way you can stick to your dog food budget and stay in good grace with your vet!

    When you *and* your dog are overly excited from realizing these little purchases will save you $$$ down the road.

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