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    25 Unique Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Actually Want

    Sentimental, fun, and/or useful.... the gang's all here!

    1. If you've planned a tropical bachelorette, a hot-pink or blush swimsuit will make for a cool photo opp.

    2. Some festive hair ties because no one, NO ONE, has too many hair ties.

    3. A self-explanatory duffel bag applicable to all kinds of bridal party obligations...and any life events, really.

    4. An 11-pack of moisturizing sheet masks you can easily divvy up between the bridal party.

    5. These subtle heel protectors for keeping their investments safe and sound in rough terrain, like gravel, grass, and rolling hills.

    6. A snazzy retractable lint roller for de-linting more than what's inside their bag.

    7. A sleek, oversized initial necklace they can wear whenever they damn well please.

    8. This on-the-DL massage ring with a cool, modern look. (You don't have to tell its second use to all your bridesmaids.)

    9. A bridesmaid headband that's less embarrassing to wear during group outings than matching T-shirts.

    10. Some simple earrings for go-to glimmer in times of sparkly need.

    11. A Rent the Runway gift card they can put toward a bridesmaid dress, shower frock, or an outfit for another fancy occasion.

    12. And some nude lingerie that won't show under their bridesmaids duds... or anything else they wear.

    13. This rechargeable selfie ring to take the guesswork out of finding the perfect lighting to capture special memories.

    14. A cool water bottle they won't leave somewhere because they've gotta stay hydrated.

    15. And a iridescent flask.

    16. Some cruelty-free silk lashes that'll make their peepers pop in photos — without weighing them down.

    17. A cheap makeup setting spray to keep their lewk on point...even when they're sweating it out on the dance floor at your reception.

    18. This overnight lip mask that spreads on like lip balm and reverses the drying effects of any long-lasting lipsticks.

    19. Some thank you cards that are pretty enough to frame.

    20. A post-wedding bouquet scheduled ahead of time as another thank you while you're on your honeymoon.

    21. Some waterproof(!) personalized champagne labels for the 'gram.

    22. A cute tee they can sport while sipping out of said champs bottles.

    23. A bridesmaid kit that has most things they'll need for your big day -- for minimal effort on your part.

    24. And one of those coordinating robes. Just look at how cute this pic is! (A dog never hurt a photo opp.)

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