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    16 Of The Best Snowshoes You Can Get Online

    Get where you need to go in unfriendly terrain with this footwear.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Ah, so you've decided to go off the beaten path on trails that haven't been cleared of snow β€” or perhaps you'd just like to make it to the mailbox without ending up like that guy in To Build a Fire? Either way, we found a selection of snowshoes that might interest you.


    Sorry for the spoiler.

    When it comes to finding the right size snowshoe, there are lots of gendered sizes but many of those sizes have crossover. What you should really be concentrating on is the width (measured in inches for our picks) and max recommended load (measured in pounds, and includes anything you're carrying, like a backpack). Or at least those things are square one.

    Now on to the snowshoes!

    1. MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes perform in just about any situation you throw them into, including slush and steep inclines. Plus, their bindings mean a sure fit to help you do what you've gotta do in an ultralight frame!,

    Men's. Rubber strap closure. Weigh 4–4 lbs. 12 oz. with max recommended load of 180–280 lbs.

    Promising review: "These snowshoes are outstanding β€” light, comfortable, great traction, and the elevators make climbing a breeze. The negative reviews about the bindings are probably a result of not making sure that the metal posts on the fasteners are seated through the hole in the straps completely. I've found that my boots won't release unless I've unstrapped all three front straps β€” simply put, if they're fastened properly, you're not going to come out of these. I've had a chance to use them in icy conditions and in powder; on flat and steep routes, and the traction and float is wonderful. I got the 25-inch and I'm 180 lbs. I'm staying on top of powder with no problems. Got my wife a set of the Revo's, but after trying mine, she wants a pair of her own for next season. I've learned over the year's that you want to purchase gear that you can grow into, so that you don't end up purchasing a set, only to replace it later. These truly are an amazing all-around set of snowshoes, that you'll be glad you paid a few extra $ for." β€”Michael V

    Get them from Amazon for $251.28+ (sizes 22-, 25-, and 30-inch, two colors).

    Check out the equally acclaimed women's version here.

    2. Fimbulvetr Hikrs have a lightweight honeycomb and good float that'll make breaking trail way easier. Also, they're made of recyclable material!

    Unisex. Pull webbing closure. Weigh 4 lbs. 11.2 oz. with a max recommended load of 243 lbs.

    Promising review: "I live in the Adirondack Mountains. It is WET and COLD and so as much as I'd love to say that I'm constantly dealing with DEEP snow. It's not that often. When we do, these babies float and they are not annoyingly squeaky at all like your usual plastic snowshoe. The crampons are burly enough to stand up to our bullet-proof ice. The binding system with the all-direction hinge was awesome for uneven terrain (to include post-holed trails). They had nice flex, even in bitter cold temps. There are very few moving parts to break β€” overall really streamlined design. Therein lies the only issue, the straps/buckles can get a little iced up in really trying wet/slushy conditions. I love how light they are, not at all awful to strap to a pack. They felt a little wide for my natural gait, but certainly not the worst I've experienced. I'm 5'4" (ish), 115 lbs., so they'd likely be fine for most." β€”Jamie McGiver

    Get them from Backcountry for $268.95 (size 24-inch, also in black), REI for $270 (black or white), or Amazon for $242.06 (orange)

    3. Tubbs Kids' Snowflake snowshoes are built to help tiny feet finagle their way through snowy terrain so everyone can be in on the frigid fun.

    Suitable for ages 3–6. Easy two-step binding. Max recommended weight limit of 50 lbs.

    Promising review: "After getting over 70 inches of snow this winter we were pretty well trapped in the house and driveway. The snow was so deep and although we did play in it it was pretty exhausting for all. After we got the snowshoes it completely changed. He was totally confident walking on snow and ice (these things grip) and last weekend while sledding he pulled his own sled up the hill each time, no complaining (he's 4). I was really proud of him and I could tell he was proud of himself and having a great time." β€”KMM in MA

    Get them from Amazon for $39.95 (size 14-inch).

    4. TSL Symbioz Elite snowshoes provide an ergonomic stride that'll help you carry out a *somewhat* natural gait despite traversing in lots o' snow.

    Men's. Weigh 4 lbs. 1.6 oz. with max recommended load of 180 lbs.

    Promising review: "I have had several pairs of snowshoes previously, and they worked OK, in the fact that they gave enhanced flotation. My TSLs however not only give flotation, but I can cover distance in them day after day, no pain, no blisters, no hip pain, no problems. The flex allows what I suppose is a 'normal' gait of walking, and on one long long long day, which came at the end of snowshoeing for a week, I made 26 miles non-stop. next day I felt just fine, and ready to do it again. Snowshoeing is never 'fun,' but TSL has taken most of the discomfort out of it." β€”peterv

    Get them from Walmart for $269.10 (size 23.5-inch), Jet for $269.10 (sizes 20.5- and 27-inch), or REI for $299 (size 20.5-inch),

    5. Tubbs FLEX snowshoes boast lots of flexibility and shock absorption on packed trails β€” which can lead to less stress on joints. AYO!

    Men's. Custom wrap binding. Weigh 3.8 lb. with max recommended load of 155 lb.

    Promising review: "Wonderful snowshoes for trail hiking. They are so easy to get on and off, lightweight, and not as wide and bulky as others. The boa system is great and reliable (I read people complaining of it breaking but in my experience they must have stepped on the cord with the other snowshoe claw repeatedly, otherwise I can't see how they would break easily). Not suggested for breaking trail in deep snow but perfect for nice packed trails!" β€”Katie Henry

    Get them from Amazon for $170.99+ (24-inch, two color combos).

    6. L.L. Bean white ash snowshoes serve as a timeless choice you can use for light hikes and ice fishing. Oh and your grandkids will love them because they last that long!

    Unisex. Synthetic binding at heel and forefoot. Weigh 5 lb. 8 oz. with a max recommended load of 200 lb.

    Promising review: "I have a pair of these snowshoes and can tell you that they perform under extreame conditions that I put them through while hiking cross-country in Michigan's U.P. These are the real deal, great traction and floatation, QUIET, and flexible. They are so good you will pass them down to your kids." β€”Longbowmark

    Get them from L.L.Bean for $329 (36-inch). Check out a heritage version here.

    7. Komperdell Alpinist snowshoes are designed for rugged conditions with snow-repellant decking in a bigger size.

    Unisex. Weigh 4 lbs. 12 oz. with max recommended load of 220 lbs.

    Promising review: "I am a professional photographer and outdoor enthusiast who recently moved to East Glacier Montana from Pennsylvania. It is colder here in the Rockies and the snow piles up. I knew I was going to need some gear to get through the powder and after considering my needs I decided to pickup these 30" snowshoes. The larger size works great for me since I carry heavy camera gear and the larger surface area helps compensate for that added weight. I have never worn snowshoes before and I figured out how to put these on in just a few minutes. Hiking through the snow they stay on tight and keep me from sinking in too much. I have had them out a few times; some in powder, some in crusty snow. They glide through powder nicely and they bite into crusty frozen snow very well making them suitable for scaling sloped terrain." β€”J.Pecora

    Get them from Sierra Trading Post for $79 (down from $259.95, sizes 27-inch or 30-inch).

    8. MSR Evo snowshoes remain a steady fav with freeze-proof security and all-condition traction to get you through all kinds of terrains.

    Men's. Rubber strap closure. Weigh 3 lbs. 7 oz. with a max recommended load of 180 lbs.

    Promising review: "We have a pair of these that is almost 10 years old and they are still going strong. A comment on customer service β€” we have both this pair of snowshoes and one from a main competitor. After much use in Colorado and the Southwest they both needed replacement 'keeper clips' for some of the straps. One e-mail to MSR customer support resulted in a free delivery within a week or so. Three weeks later I have received no response from the other vendor. Clearly MSR backs up their product!" β€”Fort Collins Hiker

    Get them from Amazon for $125.99+ (size 22-inch, three colors) or REI for $139.95 (size 22-inch, three colors).

    9. Louis Garneau Blizzard II snowshoes pull their weight (and your load) for trekking through the back country with ease thanks to a max load of 300 lbs., and one-handed closure adjustments.

    Men's. Ratcheting cable lace closure. Weigh 5 lbs. 14.4 oz. with a max load of 300 lbs.

    Promising review: "The bindings are super comfortable, secure, and easy to get into and out of. They fit all sizes of boots, from my Keen Koven Polar boots I use for local treks in milder weather to my huge Sorel Conquests for subzero temps and deep snow. The control is excellent, with the snowshoes tracking well and not feeling loose on the feet. I wasn't too sure about the BOA closure when I first saw it; it looked fragile with its thin cables and small knob. It didn't take long before I was sold on it for its speed, adjustability, and compatibility with gloves. Pressure is spread evenly over your foot, and the snowshoes fit perfectly like your favorite pair of hiking boots. Traction is excellent on loose and compacted powder. Toe crampons have 7 large, spade-shaped points that dig in and hold even in icy crust, and the modified V-shaped heel crampons provide effective braking. On ascents, descents, and traverses, footing is very secure and extra care doesn't have to be given to foot placement. Flotation is about what I'd expect given that my weight is near the upper limit for the size β€” I sink, but not excessively so, thanks to the large surface area. I found the snowshoes to be very rugged; thanks to a very light snowfall last year there were a lot of fallen branches, rocks, and roots to step on and trip over, yet the decking is intact and the frame is straight and remarkably scratch-free. The black, gray, and lime green colors are very attractive without being gaudy. I like the striped, graphic-free deck. I like these Blizzard II snowshoes better than the Tubbs I've used for the previous 3 or 4 winters, and have absolutely nothing bad to say about them. Louis Garneau has a very impressive product here, and I recommend the Blizzard II snowshoes with absolutely no reservations." β€”NH2112

    Get them from Dick's Sporting Goods for $199.99 (sizes 25-, 30-, and 36 inch, two colors), REI for $199.95 (size 36-inch).

    10. Chinook Trekker snowshoes have bindings freeze-proof down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and carry a limited life warranty, so you have plenty of excuses to take epic Insta pics like this.,

    Unisex. Weigh 3.91+ lbs. with a max recommended load of 90–300 lbs.

    Promising review: "First time. I bought 22s for myself and my son. We are both 5'7", there was a 60 lbs., difference on our hike as I carried a pack. He wears a men's size 11 hiking boot. These worked well for both of us, there was some light powder that had come down on packed and we were able to travel well without sinking down. Mechanisms are easy to use once you've done it once and see how they work, stayed in place the whole time." β€”C. Dean

    Get them from Amazon for $55.18+ (19-, 22-, 25-, 30-, and 36-inch),

    11. Atlas Treelines have light-ride suspension for comfort and freedom of movement while doing whatever it is you're doing out there in all that snow.

    Men's. Wrapp Lux binding. Weigh 4.16 lbs. with max recommended load of 250 lbs. (for larger size).

    Promising review: "As a new resident to Utah since July, I spend most of my free time hiking in the mountains. I have never seen this much snow before. Because my girlfriend and I are huge hikers in the summer months, I was looking to get a pair of snowshoes that would allow us to continue our weekend adventures. This was the perfect snowshoe to do just that! They are very lightweight and really simple to use. To tighten them all you have to do is pull one cord. To take them off you just pull another cord. You can slip them on and off in seconds. I really like the light ride suspension on these. Even on a steep off camber pitch the LRS allows for the toe crampons to grip the snow and ice. The heel lift bar also makes it easy to climb the steepest pitches without your calfs becoming fatigued. " β€”Neal Forbes

    Get them from Amazon for $146.96+ (sizes 25- and 30-inch).

    12. Crescent Moon Gold 10 Backcountry snowshoes are made with a heavy toe claw to help you keep your grip, even if you're moseying up a mountain to an abandoned ski resort.

    Men's. Ratchet strap closure. Weigh 4 lbs. 10.1 oz with max recommended load of 225 lbs.

    Promising review: "My brother uses a different version of Crescent Moon for snowshoe running and he swears by this company. When I told him I was buying snowshoes he basically forced me to get a pair of Crescent Moons (I still remember when he told me to get the Atari Lynx instead of the Game Boy, a decision that to this day, I still regret). But I'm glad I heeded his advice. These snowshoes are absolutely amazing. I personally find them incredibly light, they maintain their grip, and the binding system is top notch and easily accommodates various boots and shoe sizes while still snugly securing your feet. Yesterday, I just used these to head up the steep hills of an abandoned ski resort off Guanella Pass in Colorado β€” and they performed amazing well. I don't know why this brand isn't written about more, as they make a truly great product. I haven't used these extensively as I would like, so I can't attest to their durability β€” but my brother has put over a thousand miles on his own pair and they're still being used." β€”Brandon

    Get them from Amazon for $239.95+ (32-inch, red and blue), Backcountry for $268.95 (32-inch, red and blue), or REI for $269 (33-inch, blue).

    13. Enkoo All Terrain snowshoes fit a wide range of boots and are super lightweight, so outfitting your family in matching snowshoes for your next holiday card can change from a dream to reality. (But maybe still a nightmare for the kids.),

    Unisex. Double ratcheting closure. Max recommended load ranges from 80–210 lbs. depending on chosen size.

    Promising review: "The snowshoes are super lightweight, and fit perfectly with my hiking boots. The release buckles make it so easy to put on and take off. The aluminum alloy crampons make it sturdy and stable enough to hike on snow. Highly recommend for hiking on snow." β€”Osman

    Get them from Amazon for $39.99+ (sizes 18-, 21-, 25-, and 30-inch)

    14. MSR Women's Revo Explore snowshoes have a quick ratcheting system for taking a lunch break and making of-the-moment adjustments during your adventures.

    Women's. Fast two-strap ratchet system. Weigh 3 lbs., 12 oz. with max recommended load of 180 lbs.

    Promising review: "Love these snowshoes! My boyfriend recommended them and they are such an awesome quality and very sturdy! I love going uphill because there’s a little bar that keeps your feet upright! Definitely recommend!" β€”Angela Snyder

    Get them from Amazon for $199.95 (size 25-inch).

    15. Louis Garneau Appalaches II snowshoes work on a wide range of snow conditions thanks to carbon steel crampons and lightweight, flexible decking.

    Men's. Weigh 4.2 lbs. with max recommended load of 200–300 lbs., depending on chosen size.

    Promising review: "I purchased these for my dad. He has used the large, long wooden snowshoes since he was a child, but now that he is in his seventies, he found that he was starting to have a difficult time maneuvering around in them. The new ones I purchased from Dick's Sporting Goods were an ABSOLUTE hit! Dad is so pleased. He raves about how wonderful it is to be able to take steps backwards and turn around so easily (something not easily done with the vintage wooden ones). The only temporary problem he came across was that these snowshoes have cleats on the bottom. With the older ones, he could just glide across the snow. With these new ones, he's had to learn to pick his feet up and take actual steps. As far as my family is concerned, this was a FIVE STAR purchase!!" β€”SheriinSoPo

    Get them from REI for $139.95 (sizes 25- and 30-inch) or Dick's Sporting Goods for $139.99 (sizes 30- and 36-inch).

    16. Alps All Terrian snowshoes come in a range of sizes with fast-locking buckles so no one will get left behind on snowy fun.

    Unisex. Weigh 4.2 lbs with max recommended load of 160–250 lbs.

    Promising review: "I bought them a couple of weeks ago through Amazon and got them just before my trip to Flagstaff, Arizona, where I used them extensively for three consecutive days of snow walking. I could walk on trails where the folks without snowshoes couldn't go. Not only these are great to walk on snow but also very useful to walk on ice thanks to the metal grips. Overall great gears, especially considering they cost me less than $50, including the shipping. I have been snow walking with other people using much more expensive gears and there is nothing I couldn't do they could and I walked as fast as they did. I would definitely recommend them, especially if one is using them occasionally." β€”Kyung Fizaine

    Get them from Amazon for $35.99+ (sizes 21-, 25-, 27-, 30-, and 34-inch).

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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