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    16 Of The Best Snowshoes You Can Get Online

    Get where you need to go in unfriendly terrain with this footwear.

    Ah, so you've decided to go off the beaten path on trails that haven't been cleared of snow — or perhaps you'd just like to make it to the mailbox without ending up like that guy in To Build a Fire? Either way, we found a selection of snowshoes that might interest you.

    When it comes to finding the right size snowshoe, there are lots of gendered sizes but many of those sizes have crossover. What you should really be concentrating on is the width (measured in inches for our picks) and max recommended load (measured in pounds, and includes anything you're carrying, like a backpack). Or at least those things are square one.

    Now on to the snowshoes!

    1. MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes perform in just about any situation you throw them into, including slush and steep inclines. Plus, their bindings mean a sure fit to help you do what you've gotta do in an ultralight frame!

    2. Fimbulvetr Hikrs have a lightweight honeycomb and good float that'll make breaking trail way easier. Also, they're made of recyclable material!

    3. Tubbs Kids' Snowflake snowshoes are built to help tiny feet finagle their way through snowy terrain so everyone can be in on the frigid fun.

    4. TSL Symbioz Elite snowshoes provide an ergonomic stride that'll help you carry out a *somewhat* natural gait despite traversing in lots o' snow.

    5. Tubbs FLEX snowshoes boast lots of flexibility and shock absorption on packed trails — which can lead to less stress on joints. AYO!

    6. L.L. Bean white ash snowshoes serve as a timeless choice you can use for light hikes and ice fishing. Oh and your grandkids will love them because they last that long!

    7. Komperdell Alpinist snowshoes are designed for rugged conditions with snow-repellant decking in a bigger size.

    8. MSR Evo snowshoes remain a steady fav with freeze-proof security and all-condition traction to get you through all kinds of terrains.

    9. Louis Garneau Blizzard II snowshoes pull their weight (and your load) for trekking through the back country with ease thanks to a max load of 300 lbs., and one-handed closure adjustments.

    10. Chinook Trekker snowshoes have bindings freeze-proof down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and carry a limited life warranty, so you have plenty of excuses to take epic Insta pics like this.

    11. Atlas Treelines have light-ride suspension for comfort and freedom of movement while doing whatever it is you're doing out there in all that snow.

    12. Crescent Moon Gold 10 Backcountry snowshoes are made with a heavy toe claw to help you keep your grip, even if you're moseying up a mountain to an abandoned ski resort.

    13. Enkoo All Terrain snowshoes fit a wide range of boots and are super lightweight, so outfitting your family in matching snowshoes for your next holiday card can change from a dream to reality. (But maybe still a nightmare for the kids.)

    14. MSR Women's Revo Explore snowshoes have a quick ratcheting system for taking a lunch break and making of-the-moment adjustments during your adventures.

    15. Louis Garneau Appalaches II snowshoes work on a wide range of snow conditions thanks to carbon steel crampons and lightweight, flexible decking.

    16. Alps All Terrian snowshoes come in a range of sizes with fast-locking buckles so no one will get left behind on snowy fun.

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