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    14 Acne Spot Treatments You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

    Skincare options that are tough where it counts.

    1. Hydrocolloid acne-absorbing dots that'll help suck out the white gunk on bumps that have a white head.

    2. And XL patches for coverering larger areas so you aren't playing connect the dots with a bunch of tiny little circle patches.

    3. A cystic acne treatment with bentonite clay to draw out your blemishes so they can dry out and get on the road to healing.

    4. A butt-clearing lotion because buttne is a thing and if you suffer from it, you deserve something specially formulated to help!

    5. A cult-status drying lotion with calamine, sulfur, and other impactful ingredients — it may help your hormonal acne finally meet its match.

    6. An emergency blemish relief solution with prescription-grade micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide you can easily take with you on the go.

    7. A sulfur treatment with some zinc oxide in the mix that's meant to help control oil. So basically, it's a great option for painful cystic acne!

    8. Clear pimple patches — they can help suck out the contents of a bump with a head and reduce the inflammation of ones that haven't come to a head just yet.

    9. A face wash and treatment combo as a double whammy when you don't want to bother piecing together an acne treatment regimen.

    10. A salicylic acid medication that won't dry out your skin.

    11. A salicylic acid gel made to help control oil production, in case you think that's part of the reason for your breakouts.

    12. An oil-free treatment that's pretty powerful so you should start out sparingly to avoid dryness.

    13. Hydrocolloid gunk-sucking dots — you just may be able to wear them in public unnoticed (if you're seriously lacking in melanin like I am).

    14. A powerful drying lotion reviewers say will deliver some quick results.

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