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    45 Heels That'll Make You Want To Swear Off Flats Forever

    Gain a few inches in the style standings.

    1. Pink stunners because you can always use an excuse to sing "Barbie Girl."

    2. Printed gems that'll fill the holes in your warm weather wardrobe. There are dozens of color ways and patterns!

    3. Fluttery sandals to make you feel like Hermes without the Hermès price tag.

    4. Kitty pumps — a step up from regular black heels that won't get you in trouble with HR.

    5. Dainty bows as a solid option for all those weddings that'll be eating up all your summer weekends.

    6. Glittery bows — an easy way to grab some attention below the ankle.

    7. Total studs for rocking at a festival without getting your toes all dusty. Or stepped on!

    8. Bejeweled details that'll bee your new favorite fancy dress footwear.

    9. Fanciful flowers as a way to usher in spring, even if your garden is behind schedule.

    10. Braided straps that won't act like normal straps, they'll be ~cool~ straps.

    11. Peep toes because you'll drool every time you see the shoes in Marie Antoinette from now until the end of time and this is a way to cop the look without brutal consequences.

    12. Floral ties bound to keep you in style.

    13. Pearl pushers even folks who live in flats can make an exception for, because it's like wearing a bunch of jewelry on your feet. What's not to love?!

    14. Saint Laurents so perfect, they'll be worth going to the trouble of adding 5.5" to your height on your driver's license.

    15. Snazzy embellishments ready for a spin on the dance floor.

    16. Multimedia slides as a surefire way to be neutral without being *too* neutral, y'know?

    17. Woven finds with retro tendencies that'll look amazing with your modern pieces.

    18. Scenic pumps basically made to be worn with a fascinator.

    19. Velvet-fishnet combos for adding a lil' more texture to your look *and* keeping your shoes from slipping off!

    20. Sock boots with enough height (and a piercing!!!) to elevate the outfit you assembled from your bedroom floor.

    21. Lush prints for those who cackle in the face of "Keep It Simple Stupid."

    22. Sporty slingbacks for those who like athletic shoes in theory, but crave stilettos.

    23. Translucent glimpses of your future. Spoiler: It's going to be super stylish.

    24. Pleasing appliques for the most gorgeous exit ever.

    25. Metallic mules the extras from Austin Powers wish they could've worn.

    26. Punchy platforms to get you in the vacation spirit, even if you're still wearing a down coat on the reg in April.

    27. Sparkly statements that might possibly be visible from space. But that's fine, OK?

    28. Prim kitties ready to keep you in line with studs and buckles.

    29. Floral beauts that'll turn your old dogs into a garden party.

    30. Flirty ties as reason #487493873452 to wear velvet 24/7.

    31. Tropical accents for a lofty taste of paradise.

    32. Block stunners sure to make you sparkle in times of need.

    33. Ruffled masterpieces that'll make you wanna dance.

    34. Badass strutters to give you a little adjustable leverage with multiple buckles.

    35. Perky sunflowers that'll go great with your stems.

    36. Plaid platforms Cher Horowitz would wear to her (failed) driving test.

    37. Feathery treats that'll be worth teetering around on.

    38. Lofty lookers with an extra strap in case you're into the naked sandal look, but want a tad more stability.

    39. Striped slingbacks that'll just scream vacation.

    40. Metallic scallops worthy of a Disney princess. Just don't run out of them. Take them home!

    41. Knotted gladiators for some serious KKW style without the Yeezy budget.

    42. Metallic flares to deliver some major rock 'n' roll vibes. Sadly, they are are not mosh pit–appropriate. (Obviously.)

    43. Sweet twists you should show off whenever you get the chance (like at a bridal shower, trip to Target, Taco Tuesday, whatever!).

    44. Snazzy showboats we're pretty sure Mariah would deign to wear.

    45. Bright Louboutins in a range of hues that'll make the red soles of your bloody shoes POP.

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