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    29 Pieces Of Furniture And Decor With Storage To Hide All Of Your Crap

    Hidden storage is the best kind of storage, IMHO.

    1. A bean bag you can train your kids to stuff all their stuffed animals into when it's time to clean their rooms!

    2. A bed that'll successfully hide your deep, dark, hydraulic-powered secret of the tangle of spare bedding and off-season clothing held within.

    3. A tufted storage ottoman as the perfect place to store coloring books, some extra blankets, or even that mountain of magazines you've been waiting to read.

    4. And a similar storage bench with a hinged lid for easy access to whatever's lurking within. I think I just found your new mudroom bench!

    5. A faux-marble coffee table you can stash some items inside... like those three library books you're reading all at once (bc you're basically a wizard) but don't really gel with your whole coffee table aesthetic. No shame!

    6. A trio of fancy-looking storage trunks that'll surely *stack up* to the rest of your glam decor while hiding your industrial quantity of non-perishable snacks. Where were these when I lived in a dorm?!

    7. A *lockable* mirrored jewelry cabinet to help you add an outfit's finishing touches and then admire how it all comes together.

    8. A platform bed frame perf for that latex mattress in a box you just upgraded to. It leaves ya' with 14 inches of storage space underneath, which is LOTS of room to work with for (important) junk storage.

    9. A cabinet door you can squeeze in the few inches of spare room behind the door in an attempt put some stuff somewhere that's a bit out of the way.

    10. A fold-out desk that'll store some random office supplies and, well, an actually desk! Gotta love a piece of storage furniture that stores itself.

    11. A bamboo storage bin you can use as a ridiculously good looking dirty clothes hamper. That stuff's gotta go somewhere!!

    12. A side table with a handy lil' storage option down below for your stack of reading materials within arm's reach of your chair.

    13. A kitchen cart with a granite top that no one could mistake for a utility cart. It'll be perfect for your small appliances, bottles of wine, and other things that don't quite fit in your kitchen cabinets.

    14. Or a folding kitchen cart that'll come in handy during Thanksgiving meal prep and all kinds of entertaining sessions.

    15. A wall-mounted shelf to give you some serious storage and display space without hogging up floor space.

    16. A Frankenottoman you can also use as a coffee table!

    17. Or an ottoman that'll *also* hold onto the pairs of shoes that won't fit in your closet.

    18. A rustic buffet that can sidle up to your dining table and give a bit of hidden storage behind that sliding barn door!

    19. A mirrored cabinet with crystal knobs because you're fancy and your furniture has to keep pace.

    20. A modular wardrobe to stand in the place of an actual closet in times (or spaces!) of need.

    21. A water-resistant resin storage box you can park on the deck, fill up with stuff you need outside but don't need to leave out, and then sit on when entertaining.

    22. A dino ottoman that'll be great during playtime and *after* when somebody needs to put away all those toys.

    23. A couple of storage ottomans I'd describe as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but make it Fixer Upper. (Don't worry, that's a compliment.)

    24. An over-the-toilet cabinet that'll keep extra toilet paper rolls out in the open where everyone can find them when they need them but hidden parts to stash other stuff.

    25. A bathroom cabinet ready to hold all your clean towels.

    26. A mid-century display stand for obscuring your DVD collection a little bit. It is NO ONE's business how many seasons of Friends you own because you don't trust it'll be on Netflix forever.

    27. An outdoor table with a v chilly secret your guests can marvel at in between bevs.

    28. A mudroom cabinet with a sliding door and cubby holes to throw in all kinds of outerwear accessories instead of letting them litter your entryway.

    29. A dreamy lil' reading nook with tons of space for shelving books and tucking away toys.

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