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    28 Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

    For when "neat" means something more than "cool." The products in this post were updated in December 2017.

    1. An ice wedge kit for making sure your Old Fashioned stays chilled.

    2. Or a set of ~legit~ crystal whiskey glasses that are considered the "official" glass by experts.

    3. A scratch-and-sniff book as a fun way to teach most any whiskey fan a thing or two.

    4. A wooden bow tie made from a reclaimed whiskey barrel bc it's called fashion, Janice.

    5. A pair of *dedicated* hot toddy glasses so you can see that gorgeous amber hue as you imbibe.

    6. And a mug that'll keep 'em guessing.

    7. A set of ice sphere molds to provide a round chill that's less likely to melt or break, therefore preventing dilution.

    8. And a handy ice storage cube in case you know you'll be serving a crowd and want to prep.

    9. Or, these nautical-shaped whiskey stones that most definitely will not melt in your glass. Plus, they're more exciting than regular old whiskey stones.

    10. A cross-country indie whiskey flight well suited for some styled Insta shots.

    11. A sticker for handling the tedious chore of drawing hearts around your crush's name on your notebooks.

    12. A socially acceptable way to combine your love of dental hygiene and single malt scotch. Finally!

    13. A tank top decked out in your favorite spell.

    14. Non-alcoholic gummy bears that taste like Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon.

    15. Some whiskey sour pickles made with Finger Lakes Distilling McKenzie Bourbon Whiskey for a super impressive mouth feel you'll have to try hard not to consume all at once.

    16. A cute card that's blank inside, so it'll work for all kinds of whiskey-ish occasions!

    17. A dad cap with your mantra in all caps.

    18. A geometric-pattern decanter to bring some much-deserved attention to your bar cart's main attraction.

    19. A pennant championing a cause we can all get behind.

    20. A whiskey and pine candle for when you need a break from vanilla and lavender.

    21. A 16-pack of bourbon marshmallows you can rest easy knowing that they're made with Makers Mark Bourbon but *without* corn syrup.

    22. A pretty enamel pin to tell passersby what you'll have.

    23. A T-shirt repping the ONE time you were like, "Hey, that Ron Burgundy is a smart guy."

    24. A pair of drinks for when you wanna double lobe it.

    25. A sweet box of single malt scotch cordials because you deserve some chocolate, too.

    26. A leather necklace with a charm repurposed from a Jameson bottle.

    27. A smoky whiskey sour cocktail syrup for a flawless finish for almost-no effort.

    28. And a simple print as a love letter to your favorite beverage.

    Preach it, Ron.

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