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6 Things That Will Happen When You Have A Baby Sibling

Told from someone who's had two younger baby siblings....

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1. They Will Control Your House


My younger brother controlled everything, from when we watch the TV to when we go in the backyard....he was only one and can tell my mom what he wants, when he wants.

2. While I'm Still Talking About Controlling Stuff, They'll Control The TV, Too


So much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

3. You'll Experience Babysitting With No Pay


And definitely hear "Sweetie, can you watch insert name here for an hour or so?"

4. Changing diapers? Yep, you get to do that, too.


Spoiler alert, it's not fun nor cute.

5. Wanna know what's even more fun? The Terrible Two's.


Some kids start the terrible two's at one and a half...that's not cute nor fun either.

6. The One Good Thing? They'll Love You, and You'll Love Them Back.

BONUS: They'll Eventually Wanna Be JUST Like You!


I mean, who doesn't love an adorable mini-me? Ammi-right?

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