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29 Signs That Chrissy Teigen Is Your Spirit Animal

"I just got tears in my eyes thinking about sandwiches"

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1. You have a deep appreciation for culture and history.

2. You're the clumsiest person you know.

3. You are willing to spend an inordinate amount of time in order to achieve the perfect **casual** selfie.


4. You know that anything is possible if you believe in yourself enough.

5. You appreciate a good deal.

6. You're known as kind of a fitness junkie.

7. And definitely a sports fanatic.

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8. Okay tbh your favorite sport is probably eating.


9. But you're also a chef so it's fine.

9. You praise and admire all that is Queen B.

10. People at work always look to you to keep things focused and on-track.

11. Sometimes you just need to be a bitch and eat pizza and ranch OKAY

12. When snack time calls you always answer.

13. You set realistic goals for yourself.

14. You're always the life of the party.

15. You know what it takes to make a friendship work.

16. You enjoy the fine arts.

17. You're a romantic at heart.

18. You appreciate all of the beauty nature has to offer.

19. Your dogs are LITERALLY your children, and no one will ever convince you otherwise.

20. Your mom will always be your BFF and partner-in-crime.


21. And you will ALWAYS have her back.

22. You know the beauty of real friendship.

23. You like to dedicate a little bit of time each day to self-reflection.

24. You may or may not be in a relationship with Taco Bell.

25. You don't let the haters get you down.

26. This.

27. You consider carbs and cheese to be major food groups.

28. Your hobbies include giving zero fucks what anyone thinks about you.

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