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    5 Times Walkable Infrastructure Just Didn't Work For Pedestrians

    Walkability impacts nearly every facet of community life, yet many places still fail to meet the needs of pedestrians. For more information on what makes a community "walkable" and how to make your community more walkable, please visit the Complete Communities Youtube channel.

    When walking turns into an unexpected game of wipeout...

    Poor sidewalk maintenance leads to hazardous walking conditions for pedestrians.

    When crosswalks just don't exist...

    Without well-marked crosswalks, crossing the street can be intimidating. Pedestrians must depend on motorists to recognize their presence.

    When parking lots just don't make sense...

    Many parking lots were designed solely for cars, not people. Without clearly marked walking routes, busy parking lots can be dangerous for pedestrians.

    When sidewalks are trashier than reality TV...

    Community members are more likely to walk in environments that are clean and inviting. Sidewalk debris lessen a community's walk appeal.

    When sidewalks weren't designed with everyone in mind...

    Sidewalks should accommodate all users. Unfortunately, many were not designed with everyone in mind. In this case, parents or people with disabilities would be forced to navigate onto the street, where cars pose a threat.

    Every citizen can be an advocate for communities that are more walkable..

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    Every community can become more walkable. Learn more by watching this video, and visiting