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    21 Useful Amazon Products Our Readers Can’t Get Enough Of This Week

    You guys have great taste.

    1. It's no surprise that this Garnier SPF50 spray is so popular, as it can be applied *over* your makeup!

    2. Keep your scalp protected from harsh UV rays with this Calypso spray. It's quick drying formula makes it super wearable too.

    3. This anti-blister stick will stop your shoes from rubbing against your feet, which will definitely come in handy in the heat!

    4. Add this cooling gel pillow to your basket if you're after a solution to sleeping well in the heat. It absorbs and dissipates heat away from the head and neck throughout the night, which sounds pretty good to me.

    5. This cleaning block will get your barbecue looking as good as new. It'll scour away any dirt or grease with little effort needed!

    6. It's officially sandals season, meaning this O'Keefee's healthy feet lotion is a must-have! It works by retaining any moisture, helping with even dry and cracked skin.

    7. Banish pests from bothering your plants with these sticky insect traps.

    8. You deserve to have that glowy, summer skin – so you should probably check out this Simple radiance booster. It will give you non-stop glowing skin without feeling greasy!

    9. These blemish-busting patches will absorb the impurities out of your skin, helping any spots to heal faster.

    10. Dr. Beckmann's specialist stain remover helps to combat sweat marks or antiperspirant stains on your clothing.

    11. Readers are loving these easy-release ice cube trays, you just squeeze the bottom to pop an ice cube out! Plus, they come with a lid which minimises spills and makes them easy to stack.

    12. Nobody wants to deal with mould and mildew, which is why this Astonish spray is so good! It blasts away tough stains without any need for scrubbing.

    13. Joseph Joseph's palm scrub makes washing dishes a lot more bearable! Just pop washing-up liquid into the gadget, and it will dispense as you clean.

    14. I love this travel-sized Sudocrem, and it seems as though the readers did too!

    15. Get that sun-kissed glow with Garnier's gradual self-tan moisturiser.

    16. NYX's long-lasting setting spray has proven to be super popular in achieving a matte makeup look that will stay in place all day.

    17. These self-watering globes are ideal if you never know exactly how much water your plants need.

    18. Check out this anti-chafing gel to prevent any cuts or irritation from your skin rubbing together. It lasts all day, and only needs to be reapplied if you've been in water.

    19. This 6-in-1 washing machine cleaner will dissolve hairs, eliminate odours, remove the buildup of limescale, and help any dirt or detergent residue wash away easier.

    20. Add this picnic blanket to your basket, as it can be folded up to become pocket-sized when not in use!

    21. Refresh your makeup throughout the day with e.l.f's hydrating coconut mist.